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Characters / Raptor Ranch

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This is a list of characters from Raptor Ranch.

     Abbi Whitecloud 
Portrayed by: Jana Mashonee
She's the leading character of the movie, Abbi is a waitress and aspiring singer.
  • Final Girl: Unless she wasn't able to escape the raptor that crashes her Dance Party Ending.
  • Giving Them the Strip: After Abbi gets cornered by Beth, The Megalosaur, She grabs her by her jacket, thus she slides out her jacket, as Beth tears it in the process.
  • Missing Mom: Her mother was killed by the dinosaurs.
  • Ms. Fanservice: We're introduced to Abbi in her undies. Later, her misogynistic boss makes her wear a typical "Valley Girl" outfit consisting of a tied off blouse, daisy dukes, and red pumps. She's not amused. She also spends the last half of the movie in an form fitting cleavage baring tank top after losing her jacket.

     Special Agent Logan 
Portrayed by: Lorenzo Lamas
An agent of the FBI who investigates the dinosaurs killings.
  • Advertised Extra: Lorenzo Lamas gets the top billing alongside Jana Mashonee, but Logan character barely does anything except investigate the killings and talk to cops.
    • Its almost certain his scenes were shot years after the dinosaur content. Further alluded to by the other characters talking about how there are no cops in the area.

     Billy Wayne 
Portrayed by: Cole Brown

     Lucas Young 
Portrayed by: Donny Boaz

     Sheldon Macabeach 
Portrayed by: Cody Vaughan

Portrayed by: Lexy Hulme

     Josie Hutchens 
Portrayed by: Kimberly Matula


     Little Willie 
Portrayed by: Marcus M. Mauldin

     Special Agent O'Reilly 
Portrayed by: Declan Joyce


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