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A list of antagonists in Phantasy Star Online 2. To return to the main character index, click here.

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A race of Eldritch Abominations who spread across the universe like locusts, infecting and mutating the creatures and planets they encounter. While they can be killed by conventional weaponry, this does not destroy their cells and merely causes their corruption to spread further. The only known way to permanently eradicate Darker cells is through the use of Photons, which the ARKS are trained in the use of. (With exception of the "Gran Darkers", a sub-species that evolved to be vulnerable to the energy "Gran" instead.)

The Darkers were born from "Dark Falz", a being of pure malevolence that feeds on hatred and negativity. There was thought to be only one Dark Falz, which was defeated forty years prior by the Three Heroes. However, this was proven wrong by the emergence of multiple "Dark Falz"; it is unclear if they are separate members of the same species, or different incarnations of one whole. Each Dark Falz requires a host in order to manifest a physical form, and spawns a different sub-species of Darker to command.

Voiced by: Nobuo Tobita

The first incarnation of Dark Falz to appear within the story, and master of the aquatic-type Darkers. In A.P. 198, he was engaged by the ARKS in an event now known as the Elder War; a resounding victory by the ARKS lead to him becoming sealed within the planet Naberius, although this was officially passed off as his "destruction". In his humanoid form, he can become the powerful Falz Hunar. After he merges with the corpse of his body embedded within Naberius, he becomes a planet-sized monstrosity called Dark Falz Elder. He is the former body of Gettemhult, who became possessed after he and Melphonseana broke Dark Falz out of its confinement in the hopes of fighting it. Though Gettemhult's mind is confined by this process, Elder absorbs several of his personality traits such as his lust for battle and hatred of Zeno.

  • Background Music Override: In Mining Base Defense: Despair, a Mining Base mix of Hunar's theme shows up just in case you weren't already aware that he was here and ready to clean house.
  • Battle Theme Music: The Falz Arms have four theme tunes (Falz Arms -1st Engage- all the way to Falz Arms -Last Engage-) which change depending on how close the Ship is to their clearing target. Dark Falz Elder has IDOLA da Sledge of Destruction.
  • Big Damn Villains: When Double gets the jump on your party in the Quarry, Elder appears after Zeno executes a Big Damn Heroes and helps in the ensuing fight against Apprentice and Loser Clones. After the battle, Elder invokes Heroic Sacrifice to allow your party to evade Double.
  • Blood Knight: He loves to fight, and keeps challenging the ARKS because of it. This trait was inherited from Gettemhult.
  • Determinator: Nothing stops him, not even defeat. He'll just keep coming back to attack the ARKS because he loves a good fight. The only thing seemingly capable of putting him down is a Heroic Sacrifice.
  • Disc-One Final Boss: The climax of Episode 1, right before The Reveal that there was more than one Dark Falz.
  • Elemental Rock–Paper–Scissors: Possesses a weakness to Electricity and Light. The former makes him drop his arms, allowing the multiparty to attack the upper arms, whereas they would not be able to reach them otherwise.
  • Even Evil Has Standards: He is not impressed by Double's cowardly tactics.
  • Evil Sounds Deep: He has an incredibly deep, echoing, practically demonic voice that's appropriate for an Eldritch Abomination.
  • Final Boss: Of Episode 1.
  • Hades Shaded: Gettemhult's fair skin turned dark when he was possessed by Elder.
  • I Am Not Left-Handed: As Falz Hunar, once you deal a decent amount of damage, he'll pull out his Elder Pain, and he'll show you why it's called that.
  • Good Is Dumb: Every time he fights you, he transforms into a more powerful form like Falz Hunar. The one time he DOESN'T transform to fight is when he fights alongside you.
  • Good Old Fisticuffs:
    • Falz Hunar starts the battle with this as his main method of attack. Then you piss him off...
    • This is also how he fights while in human form.
  • Graceful Loser: He doesn't mind losing repeatedly to the ARKS; he's happy as long as he has powerful opponents to fight.
  • Ground Punch: Hunar can do one. It sends out plumes that spiral out across the ground, and if one hits you, you become afflicted with Injury.
  • Heroic Sacrifice: Lets himself be consumed by Double in an effort to protect Melphonseana and your party.
  • Killed Off for Real: Despite his resilience, he is Killed Offscreen when he sacrifices himself and is consumed by Double.
  • Maximum HP Reduction: As Falz Hunar, he's one of the few Darker-class enemies who can do this.
  • The Mind Is a Plaything of the Body: Gettemhult's drive for battle was so great, Elder has since forgotten his original objective and now only thirsts for combat.
  • Power Palms: As Dark Falz Elder, most of his attacks utilize the Falz Arms to deal close and long ranged attacks simultaneously.
  • Sealed Evil in a Can: He was sealed away in a shrine located within the heart of the Ruins Area. That is, until Gettemhult and Melphonseana bust him out. Sound familiar?
  • Shielded Core Boss: As Dark Falz Elder, the red bit at his center is his weak point. If you manage to force him into his 2nd phase, he'll move his lower hands and open it up so you can attack it directly. However, trying this will aggravate more than a few other players.
  • Sword Beam: Falz Hunar's got them once he unleashes his sword, and he's not afraid to assault you with them. And if that weren't enough, he gets his own version of Over End, too.
  • Theme Music Power-Up: Once his health drops below the 25% threshold, IDOLA da Sledge of Destruction is replaced by The whole new world.
  • Turns Red: A special case of it. If the players manage to break off all of Dark Falz Elder's arms except the two bottom ones, he'll pull out a fresh batch of more arms and soup up his previous attacks, and throw in some new ones as well.
  • The Unfought: Very rarely, this can occur if the entire Ship is unable to clear the Falz Arms Quest a certain number of times within the 30-minute time limit. If this occurs, the entire campaign is cut short and Dark Falz Elder is unable to be battled.
  • Villain: Exit, Stage Left: What he does in Episode 2 Chapter EX after losing to you, due to disliking the environment, of all things.
  • Your Size May Vary: When he drags his way out of Naberius he's half the size of the planet itself, but in the climactic boss fight with him he's not nearly that size. This is because the Falz Arms phase of the assault weakened him considerably and reduced his size greatly, thus enabling them to take the fight to Elder himself. Apparently, all the hands he summons before the final confrontation dissipates portions of his body with each usage.


Apprentice I / Margaretta

Voiced by: Houko Kuwashima

A Dark Falz who takes the form of a dark-skinned woman in her late 20s. She commands the insect-type Darkers. She was a key figure in a major Darker offensive against the ARKS ten years prior, instigated at the behest of Luther. She is defeated by Klariskrays II (and the time-travelling Player Character) and attempts to survive by finding a new host body in Euclita, Afin's sister. However, the possession process is interrupted when Apprentice I is ambushed by Double, who consumes her.

In EPISODE 5, Apprentice appears in her human form, whose name is revealed to be Margaretta. Her Omegan counterpart, who appears as a child, is caught in a trap and is forcefully transformed into Dark Falz Apprentice, who proceeds to do battle with Harriet and the player. With Harriet's help, the player manages to absorb Apprentice's record and is bestowed the power of Dark Blast [Apprentice].

Dark Falz Apprentice also serves as the main antagonist of Phantasy Star Online 2 EPISODE 0, which focuses on the events that occurred ten years prior to the main story.

  • An Arm and a Leg: In EPISODE 0 Quest 2, Klariskrays II rips off Apprentice's right arm with a bolt of light to save Melphonseana. She regenerates it later, but the experience is no less painful (nor any less horrifying for Melphonseana).
  • Beauty Mark: She has one on the left of her lip to go with her seductress persona.
  • Berserk Button: Don't call her old.
  • Blade Below the Shoulder: Falz Apprezina echoes her human form's use of Twin Daggers by performing slashing attacks with her arms.
  • Empty Shell: Dark Falz Apprentice Gia is a manifestation of Apprentice's power separated from her mind after her death and driven solely by the instinctual desire to regain its lost "essence".
  • Flunky Boss: When her health drops below half, she begins to periodically summon Predicahdas to fight with her. As Falz Apprezina in Omega, she summons 2 insect darkers that heal and grab.
  • Hades Shaded: Margaretta's skin was significantly lighter pre-corruption, as can be seen after she is absorbed by the player, as well as on her Omega counterpart.
  • Insect Queen: The sole woman among the Dark Falz is the one in charge of the insectoid Darkers, go figure.
  • Knife Nut: Wields Twin Daggers in human form.
  • Mind Control: A minor ability of hers allows her to use mind control, which becomes a problem multiple times across the franchise.
    • Melphonseana is reduced to helplessness when she falls victim to Apprentice's mind control powers in EPISODE 0. She is later coerced again by Apprentice to kill Klariskrays II, but Melphonseana uses Heroic Willpower to nullify the effects.
    • In EPISODE 2, Klariskrays II's efforts are put to a grinding halt when Apprentice uses this ability to use ARKS as her meat shields.
    • Research into Apprentice's mind control powers eventually serve as the basis for Anatis' own mind control powers in PSO2es.
  • No One Could Survive That!: The Stinger of Episode 2's final chapter shows that Dark Falz Apprentice somehow survived that Ilgrants assault from Klariskrays II. Barely alive, yes, but just alive enough to attempt to transfer her essence to Euclita. Double offs her before the process is completed.
  • Other Me Annoys Me: Prime Margaretta and Omega Margaretta do not get along.
  • Rapid Aging: Happens every time Klariskrays II attacks her with Grants Technics. Pushed to its limits by the end of the Episode, where KKII attacks her hard enough to make Apprentice come out looking like her 80's.
  • Spell My Name with an "S": The ARKS-Layer translation patch spells her true name "Margareta", with one t.
  • Stripperific: True to typical ARKS fashion, Margaretta's clothing plays this completely straight, although less so than most - not that it disgusts Omega Margaretta any less.
  • The Unfought: She makes herself out to be the prime villain of Episode 2 Chapter 6, until Persona rescues Matoi in a pinch and Matoi grinds her into a pulp, almost literally. You can later fight a clone of her summoned by Double in Episode 3 Chapter 4, and her true form in Mining Base: Defense is sans her soul (since Double killed her earlier), but neither are the real thing. It's not until Chapter 5-4 that this is finally averted when she takes the form of Omega Apprezina.
  • Tsundere: Believe it or not, she acts this way in Episode 5, where she is very insistent that she is only lending the player her power as a matter of convenience and absolutely not because she's taken any sort of liking to them.
  • Vain Sorceress: Her preferred hosts are girls in their young teen years. She does not like being reminded how old she really is.
  • The Vamp: Seductive and obsessed with beauty.
  • Would Hurt a Child: What does she do when she finds a lone girl wandering alone and scared through a massive Darker attack? Walk up, speak to her like a concerned mother... then slap her, grab and lift her by the neck, and start strangling her. Also during the Neck Lift, there is a certain black and red particle effect that is used elsewhere to depict massive bleeding. Fortunately, Clares Claes II shows up to save the day.

Apprentice II
Voiced by: Mariya Ise

A Dark Falz who takes the form of a young woman in her late teens. Like her predecessor, she commands the insect-type Darkers. She is actually Euclita, Afin's missing sister. After Apprentice was defeated by Klariskrays II and pushed to the verge of complete destruction, she attempted to possess Euclita to save her life. However, the process was interrupted when Double ambushed and consumed Apprentice, then spirited away the partially-transformed Euclita.

In Episode 3, Euclita discovers that she is not a true Dark Falz but had simply been raised to believe she was, a revelation she refuses to accept for a long time. Afin eventually manages to get through to her, and the Player Character sheers off enough of her Darker photons to return her to (relative) normality. She ultimately rejoins her brother in ARKS to fight against the Profound Darkness, taking on the name "Euclita" once again.

  • Big Creepy-Crawlies: She summons insect-type darkers.
  • Clothing Damage: During one cutscene, you wind up shooting both her and Afin with a Penetrating Bullet to prove that she's not a Dark Falz, because photon weaponry only hurts Darkers. Apprentice is unharmed. Her dark-photon composed outfit is not, now with a large hole in its center.
  • Dark Chick
  • Hair Decorations: Sports two hair clips on both sides. They can slide down over her eyes to cover them like a visor, but she never demonstrates this ability.
  • I Am a Monster: She repeatedly mocks Afin's attempts to get his sister back and cites that he should just kill her because she is a Dark Falz. Afin later exploits it in a bid to demonstrate that she isn't a Dark Falz by purposely letting himself and Apprentice get shot by ARKS photon weaponry, which is incapable of friendly fire. He ends up being right: when Apprentice realizes that she's mostly unharmed, she is utterly baffled.
  • Knife Nut: Cutscene-only, but she uses Twin Daggers just like her predecessor until she joins the ARKS.
  • Long-Lost Relative: Of Afin.
  • The Mind Is a Plaything of the Body: Apprentice II has a severe case of this, triggered by Afin. As time goes on, she seems to be losing more control over herself and becoming a more dangerous foe as a result. However, it's ultimately subverted when it turns out the mind was never anything but the one the body always belonged to.
  • Not Brainwashed: She's not "possessed" by Apprentice, but rather the natural result of a young girl being brought up to believe she is a Dark Falz.
  • Older Than They Look: Despite having the body of a teenager, Apprentice II carries herself as a much older woman. This is because she believes herself to be much older due to being an incomplete reincarnation of Apprentice I.
  • Repressed Memories: After Afin demands that Dark Falz return his sister, they begin surfacing and cause a lot of headaches for Apprentice.
  • The Unfought: The one time she actually appears at the end of a Chapter, she gets headaches and sics a Blu Ringahda on you and Afin. Also justified later on: she isn't really a Dark Falz so she doesn't actually have the power to take on a battle form.
  • Tomato in the Mirror: She actually isn't Dark Falz Apprentice; she had only barely begun to possess Euclita before being ambushed and eaten by Double, who then abducted the partially-transformed Euclita.

Double / Flo and Fraü
Voiced by: Rie Kugimiya

A set of twins who seem to share the same mind. They can create copies of any creature they consume. When entering battle they transform into the monstrous Falz Douran and Falz Dourill, who can fuse together into Falz Dourumble. After being consumed by the Profound Darkness they turn into the colossal Dark Falz Double. They control the toy-type Darkers. Their goal is to awaken the Profound Darkness by gathering a massive quantity of corrupted photons and infusing it into a single host. Though Double is defeated by the Player Character and Matoi on the planet Harukotan, they successfully infect the Player Character and begin the transformation. However, Matoi steps in to absorb the photons herself and becomes the Profound Darkness.The Omega Universe gives some insight into Double's true identity: they are not actual twins, and the boy, "Flo", is the true Double. Flo was a Photoner child born with the power to replicate matter, which made him the subject of constant experiments; the loneliness of this upbringing without friends or freedom is what ultimately transformed him into a Dark Falz, and what drove him to create the female duplicate of himself, "Fraü".

  • Attack Its Weak Point: Starts off as shifting orbs in its legs, which upon destruction stuns them and reveals their real weak point - their tongue - for a few seconds. Destroying the orbs on all six legs reveals their tongue permanently, although they can no longer be stunned from here on.
  • Big Bad: While the other Dark Falz and Luther are presented as major problems, the Falz are entirely self-serving and Luther ends up a wannabe. Double, on the other hand, is a constant threat and is actively trying to bring about the end of the universe by becoming the Profound Darkness, and is a direct and indirect cause of most of the problems the ARKS deal with for the first three Episodes.
  • Blood Knight: While mostly working from behind the scenes, their reaction to Matoi saying she's going to kill them is that it's the single most exciting thing they've heard since they were born; they relish the opportunity to finally get their hands dirty.
  • Break the Cutie: Flo Used to Be a Sweet Kid before his loneliness twisted him into a Dark Falz. We get to see his Omega counterpart undergo this in Chapter 5-5.
  • Cheerful Child: Post Heel–Face Turn, Flo and Fraü are adorable.
  • Climax Boss: After all the crap they've done, you finally get a crack at them at the end of Episode 3.
  • Cloning Blues: Averted. Flo and Fraü admit that they're not really sure which of them is the "original" anymore, but nor do they particularly care.
  • Conservation of Ninjutsu: Double's true form is duplicated an unimaginable number of times to form a barrier around the Profound Darkness, but each Double is far weaker than any previously encountered Falz before it.
  • Creepy Twins: The fact they're Falz incarnations just makes it even more unsettling.
  • The Dreaded: Xiao, a being with omniscience dwarfed only by Xion, is flat-out terrified of Double and outright labels them the worst of all the Dark Falz. He feels the need to underscore this by showing the player one of their recent ventures in crushing an entire planet like an egg.
  • Dual Boss: Both twins are initially separate Darkers that are fought together. However, they have a shared health pool, and when that runs out, they combine into a single entity for phase two.
  • Early-Bird Cameo: Appears as early as the end of Episode 1, but doesn't become relevant until the end of Episode 2 and beyond.
  • Empty Shell: Their mass-cloned true forms do a lot of giggling, but are a lot less talkative than the real deal.
  • Enemy Summoner: They can summon a copy of any creature they have consumed. Considering that Double has consumed a countless number of worlds, this makes them very dangerous. Even moreso when they create clones of a Dark Falz, or themselves.
  • Final Boss: Averted, they actually aren't the final boss of Episode 3 like was expected, but rather the penultimate boss. That honor goes to the Profound Darkness.
  • Floating Limbs: Zig-zagged with Double's true form, which can either attach to their castle-legs as a hexapod, or disconnect them and have their legs and body hover freely.
  • For the Evulz: Xiao makes it clear that Double can and has annihilated entire worlds in mere minutes, but they enjoy playing with their food first. Nearly every appearance they have in the story has them Kick the Dog somehow, and it's heavily implied that before the player character actively started fighting against them, they've been doing this with no real opposition for decades, if not centuries. This inclination to "play games" is an extremely twisted manifestation of Flo's wish for the childhood he was denied.
  • Fusion Dance: Their combat forms start out separate, but combine when enough HP is depleted.
    • This is also their reason for absorbing the other Dark Falzes, as they state combining all of their negative photons is how the Profound Darkness will come to be.
  • Giggling Villain: They giggle constantly in their boss battles, especially in their true form.
  • Greater-Scope Villain: Anything not traced back to Luther is likely Double's doing.
  • Half-Identical Twins: One twin is a boy and the other is a girl, but they look so similar that without hearing their voices you'd be hard-pressed to tell which is which. It's justified because they're not really twins at all; rather, the girl Double is a clone.
  • Hand-Hiding Sleeves: Only one of their sleeves barely exposes their hand. The other is covered by their chomper-arms (if there are even hands there at all).
  • Hidden Agenda Villain: Of all the Dark Falzes, who are following their own selfish interests to different extents, Double seems the most dedicated to what it calls their "original purpose" and is willing to backstab the other Dark Falzes to accomplish it.
  • I Just Want to Have Friends: All Flo ever wanted was to play and have fun with friends like a normal kid. Unfortunately, his powers prevented him from ever getting the chance, and the resulting loneliness and resentment gave rise to his corruption.
  • Kill ’Em All: If their sheer disregard for life and monstrosity weren't enough, they wiped the entire Kuronian race off the face of Halkotan and replaced them with mindless clones to go to war with the White Territory.
  • Lightning Bruiser: Don't let their Alexander-esque true form fool you, Double hits really fast and really hard. They're also completely invulnerable anywhere that isn't a weak point.
  • Living Structure Monster: Their true form is a gigantic (and colorful) castle, with its six towers acting as rocket-powered legs that allow it move a lot faster then one might expect. Its attacks have an amusement park theme to them, including weaponized fireworks displays, a killer toy Darker boat that tries to run down the opposition, and a orbiting carousel of Bonta Bearadda.
  • Meaningful Name:
    • While "Double" refers to the fact that this Dark Falz manifests as a pair of twins, it also refers to their replication abilities, including Power Copying, Clone Army, and Self-Duplication.
    • "Fraü" is a German term for "woman".
  • Monster Clown: Their combat forms resemble some very twisted-looking jesters. It gets worse when they combine.
  • Mouthy Kid: Flo is blunt and honest in all of his interactions, having never developed a brain-to-mouth filter.
  • My Little Panzer: They summon toy-themed Darkers, including jack-in-the-boxes, sentient cars with comical sound effects, and even a house on legs wielding an oversized lollipop.
  • Near-Villain Victory:
    • If it wasn't for the Clarissa being such a Plot Coupon and granting passage out of Double's inner world, it would've been game, set and match after their sneak attack that consumed the player and Matoi.
    • Because of the player character's and Persona's Time Travel, it is literally impossible to count the number of times Double won - no matter how hard Persona tried, they could never stop Double from awakening the Profound Darkness.
  • No Ontological Inertia: Double's clones form a barrier to prevent you from reaching the Profound Darkness. Destroying a clone breaks a hole in the barrier for you to get through.
  • Nothing Is Scarier: Unlike the other Dark Falz and even Persona, there's no information given on who Double's host bodies were pre-Demonic Possession. At least until Chapter 5-5.
  • Opposite-Sex Clone: Fraü was created by Flo so they'd never be alone again.
  • Pocket Dimension: The things they "consume" are actually stored within a pocket dimension that breaks them down into corrupted photons. They have been hoarding a massive amount of corrupted photons this way.
  • Power Copying: They're capable of a limited form of Mega Manning when they consume other Dark Falzes; for example, Dourumble can grow Hunar's back plate spikes and throw the Elder Pain, which explodes into damaging plumes, just like Hunar's Ground Pound attack. It can also sprout Angel's wings and toss one of its fans, which bursts into a gravity effect that draws players toward a diamond of lightning strikes.
  • Self-Duplication:
    • Their final "screw you" to the ARKS before the confrontation with the Profound Darkness is a massive army of (mercifully much less powerful) Double's own true form. Whether these clones were made by Double before their demise and kept in reserve, or simply made by the Profound Darkness itself, is unclear.
    • Epsiode 5 reveals that the female "twin" is actually a copy that the male made of himself, out of a desire for company.
  • Thanatos/Xanatos Gambit: After being defeated, Double makes a last-minute gambit after realizing that both the player and Matoi had the essences of Elder and Loser that they were missing - they fire off their entire stockpile of negative photons, including their own essence, in a Last Breath Bullet at Matoi. The player takes the bullet, and Matoi quickly takes it back, but ultimately either of them would've worked. And if Double had won the battle, they'd simply consume them and get their essences that way. No matter what, Double succeeds in merging the Falzes' essences to awaken the Profound Darkness.
  • That Makes Me Feel Angry: Due to their mindsets being that of little children, they don't (or can't) properly express anger, but they make it clear during their second confrontation after you escaped their Pocket Dimension that they are not happy with you.
  • Throwing Your Sword Always Works: Falz Dourumble can throw the Elder Pain as an attack. Omega Dourumble, predictably, throws the Elder Pain Omega instead.
  • Too Many Mouths: Those silly faces on their arms? Those actually are faces, and their mouths are real; it's how they consume negative photons. They can also extend into a titanic set of jaws to consume something wholesale.
  • Twin Banter: They engage in it, but it's a lot more sinister and evil than Patty and Tiea's.
  • The Usurper: Double killed the king of Harukotan's Black Territory and replaced him with a clone, instigating the planet's civil war.
  • Villainous Harlequin: Their combat form resembles this.
  • Villain Teleportation: Other than the typical Darker warping, one of Double's bodies can vanish and pop out of the other body without warning. Never assume they are alone.

Voiced by: Takahiro Sakurai

The fourth incarnation of Dark Falz to appear in the story. When he enters combat he can transform into the six-winged Falz Angel, and after fusing with the infected Oracle Mothership becomes the colossal Dark Falz Loser. He rules over the avian Darkers. He is the former body of Luther, after his plan to become omnipotent was permanently destroyed by the Player Character, Matoi and Xion. His desire for vengeance and the godlike power he was denied was strong enough to corrupt his photons, transforming him into a new Dark Falz. Loser is the most ego-maniacal aspects of Luther turned Up to Eleven, and he now seeks omniscience by consuming everything in the universe.

Following his battle with the ARKS, Loser is soundly defeated and hobbles back onto the Mothership's deck, where he is finished off by Regius. However, Double consumes his body and replicates him, creating an endless stream of mindless clones for the ARKS to fight.

  • Battle Theme Music: Majestic Dynasty and Imperial Dynasty for Falz Angel, and la L’inno per il IDOLA for Dark Falz Loser (in – Persona di Onnipotente -, – Vortex dell’inferno -, and – Ala di immortalità - variants).
  • Black Eyes of Crazy: It's not always easy to see because of the bangs, but his right eye's sclera is black.
  • Creepy Crows: The Darkers he control are bird-like and black. Notably, Dark Falz Loser himself is avian-like too.
  • Damage-Sponge Boss: This guy has much, much, much more HP than Elder, and can take a good multi-party at least ten minutes to kill. Not to mention he packs more than a fair share of One-Hit Kill attacks and crowd-hitting attacks (his time-stopping attack being both), and he shields his weakpoint.
  • Diagonal Cut: How Regius finishes him off. It's played with, since this is only a visual effect, and Loser's body doesn't actually split in two; he just falls over dead.
  • Difficulty Spike: If you're on par with the level cap of Episode 2 Chapter 5, This Is Gonna Suck. Loser himself counts as one for the game in general, since he's the first boss of his caliber, and he's definitely no pushover, as many players found out the hard way.
    • XH Loser is a considerable step up from previous difficulties, changing many of his attack patterns and improving his existing ones.
  • Elemental Rock–Paper–Scissors: Possesses a weakness to Wind and Light. The former is fundamental in taking him down, as it opens the clock at his core, allowing the multiparty to attack his weak point.
  • Exactly What It Says on the Tin: Loser's kanji, 敗者, or "haisha", which means... "loser".
  • Fail O'Suckyname: Being stuck with a title like "Loser" is rather unfortunate. Ironically, he's one of the toughest raid bosses in the game.
  • Final Boss: Of Episode 2.
  • Frickin' Laser Beams: Falz Angel can do one. He can pull it out unexpectedly fast, and if you aren't doubled down on HP, face, meet floor.
  • Lost in Translation: The pun on Dark Falz Loser's name. If you don't know much about the Japanese language, you may not get that in Japanese, "Luther" is pronounced the same way as "Loser".note 
    • There's a second pun in the name of "Falz Angel": thanks to Japanese Ranguage, "angel" is phonetically similar to "anger". Appropriate for the massive temper tantrum he is throwing during this form at the ARKS for dismantling his plans.
  • Shielded Core Boss: As Dark Falz Loser, the clock on his chest shields a massive weak point. The party can open the clock face for a short time by inflicting Mirage upon it, whereupon they can attempt to shatter the interior and keep the weakpoint exposed for the rest of the battle. If they open the clock three times but fail to break it, it remains closed permanently.
    • The XH version of Loser raises the stakes, as the party must additionally break both of his arms or he will regenerate the clock.
    • An additional weak point is on his throat. It becomes vulnerable for a limited time when you break one of his arms, but to expose it permanently, you need to destroy his beak and every gemstone on his headdress.
  • Shoddy Knockoff Boss: Dark Falz Loser (Fake). It looks incredibly similar to the real thing, except for the notable lack of wings on its back and unadorned headnote . It only appears if the Ship collectively fails to hit their clearing target for the preceding Emergency Quest. Not only is the Drop Rate multiplier less than 100%, but it lacks the most valuable drops that only the real Loser possesses.
  • Theme Music Power-Up: After he crosses the 25% HP threshold, the music switches to an ominous mix of The whole new world for the final push. That being said, that doesn't mean you're close to done.
  • Time Master: Time gimmicks feature prominently in his boss battle, including sped-up time (faster attacks), slow time (uses it on himself to create delayed explosion effects), and stopped time (almost always a One-Hit Kill attack).
  • Time Stands Still: Dark Falz Loser can halt time, freezing players in their tracks unless they can dodge just as time stops.
  • Turns Red: It's subtle, but Dark Falz Loser gets a little angry once his health drops low enough. He gets several new attacks, introduces slight changes to preexisting ones (including a much faster version of the time stop), and occasionally dips his torso underneath the stage so players can't attack his clock.

The Profound Darkness

A mysterious entity said to be the ultimate source of Dark Falz and the Darkers. It was brought into being at the height of the Photoners' power and decadence, and despite being sealed away, its influence continues to leak out across the universe. According to Xiao, the Darkers will continue to exist as long as the Profound Darkness does, making its destruction the final goal of ARKS.

In Episode 3, Matoi attempts to save the universe by becoming the Profound Darkness so she (and it) can be killed permanently. However, Persona saves her by using the Clarissa to absorb the corrupted photons from her and becomes the Profound Darkness in her stead. It is ultimately destroyed by ARKS in an ensuing large-scale battle, but because of the Time Travel properties it inherited from its host, it is capable of returning again and again, in a sort of time loop.

In Episode 4, The Profound Darkness has mysteriously broken out of its time loop. Seeking answers and a way to destroy it permanently, Xiao leaves ARKS in Ulc's capable hands to embark on his own mission.

In Episode 5, the player and Matoi confront the Profound Darkness once more in an attempt to rescue Persona and destroy the Profound Darkness once and for all. During the rescue mission, the Profound Darkness has an unusual reaction to the Ether contained within Hitsugi's Embodied Weapon, the Ame-no-Murakumo, and inadvertently creates a black hole leading to a Dream World formed by the Akashic Record known as Omega. Towards the end of the story, it is revealed that Persona's soul had been retrieved from the Profound Darkness and merged with the player, and after the black hole is closed, the Profound Darkness itself has seemingly vanished from existence.

While possessing Matoi, its pre-combat form is known as Matoi Viel. When engaged in ground combat, it can summon its own corrupted Photon Beast (Anga Fundarge) and fuse with it to become Viel/Dio Hunar.

  • Attack Its Weak Point: Like the Double fight before it, it comes attached with a Weak Bullet Jammer gimmick, preventing Weak Bullet from creating hyper-effective weak points and reducing its effectiveness to about +50% additional damage. In terms of actual weak points, however, the orb on its bottom, much like Anga Fundarge, is its primary weak spot.
  • Battle Theme Music: Opens its battle with the iconic Ooze from Phantasy Star IV, then once the ARKS have plowed through half of its health, it freezes time and transitions to a full remix of IDOLA the strange fruits from Phantasy Star Online Episode 3: C.A.R.D. Revolution. And at the final climax, it becomes the whole new world -Code:SINEN-.
  • The Bus Came Back: This is the first game in which the Profound Darkness has appeared since debuting in Phantasy Star IV.
  • Chest Blaster: In its advanced version, triggering its stun cycle in the second phase causes it to reveal a big red core in its chest. One of its new attacks is a Wave Motion Gun from said chest core that pulverizes players.
  • Clipped-Wing Angel: The final phase has you in a one-on-one fight against the Profound Darkness' host, Persona. However, despite being equipped with souped-up versions of every Photon Art, he/she deals a small fraction of the damage that the main body deals. Furthermore, Persona eventually dies anyway from your teammates' attacks, because the game is still tracking cumulative damage from all players, even though it's showing you fighting alone. Granted, dying to Persona here is possible if you run out of time (the whole party gets annihilated with a 999,999 damage attack if they take too long), but if the group is halfway decent this should never happen.
    • The advanced version soupes it up a little to make it significantly more threatening, including giving its XH version the same damage as its Solo XQ variant. This means that its lower damage threshold is typically around 300 to 400 per hit, and its Over End is, in most cases, a One-Hit Kill.
  • Deflector Shields: As Viel/Dio Hunar, it gains Anga Fundarge's shield, granting it high resistance to damage to its body. Players must attack the gems on its arms to remove the shield.
  • Desperation Attack: In its advanced version, after defeating Persona, it pretends to enter its last stun cycle before revealing a core in its face, which then proceeds to make one last stand by firing a large Wave Motion Gun that it proceeds to sweep around the arena to kill as many players as possible.
  • Did You Just Punch Out Cthulhu?: As far as the plot is concerned, it can apparently die with its host if the host is flat-out killed. You do exactly that in the bad ending via impaling Matoi with a Coat Edge, and in the good ending you destroy it along with Persona.
  • Duel Boss: In the final phase of its battle, Persona emerges to duel you once more. Your entire party temporarily vanishes for this battle. If you have completed the 3-7 Matter Board, Persona emerges as an identical copy of you instead of wearing his/her usual costume.
  • Evil Counterpart: To Xion. It was designed by the Photoners as a man-made counterpart to Xion, but an immense influx of negative emotions towards its completion caused the Photons possessed by it to become corrupted, transforming it into the embodiment of humanity's sloth and hatred hellbent on the destruction of the universe.
  • Final Boss: Of Episode 3 and the Solo Extreme Quest.
  • Final Solution: Due to being driven by hatred, its twisted state of mind has lead it to believe that in order to end all negativity in the universe, it should just kill the universe.
  • Frickin' Laser Beams: Enjoys them as much as the Dark Falzes. Which is to say, a lot.
  • Gone Horribly Wrong: The Profound Darkness was created when the Photoners attempted to create their own biological supercomputer modeled after Xion. However, as photons react to emotions, their rampant vice corrupted their creation into what became known as the Profound Darkness.
  • Greater-Scope Villain: Its existence was revealed by Xiao at the start of Episode 3, and became the primary motivation for multiple characters during it. It's not so much a schemer as a natural disaster.
  • Hijacked by Ganon: It is revealed as a major crux in the creation of the Dark Falz and ultimately the greatest threat in the story. Notably, unlike Dark Falz, who shows up consistently across the series, this is the first Phantasy Star title in which the Profound Darkness has made any appearance since its introduction in the original tetralogy.
  • Light Is Not Good: For the ultimate embodiment of darkness, it has a surprisingly bright color scheme in its Hunar form, consisting primarily of white with splashes of red. Even its final form is decked out in gold.
  • Mana Drain: As Viel/Dio Hunar, it possesses an attack where it saps the PP of all players in an extremely wide radius, which is then condensed into a ball of energy and fired at players. Upon contact, the ball explodes and deals extremely high damage to players inside the blast zone.
  • Morphic Resonance: Its two Hunar forms are different because it takes on different visual traits based on who its host is. Viel Hunar sports antennae on the back of its head that highly resemble Matoi's hair, while Dio Hunar has Persona's mask embedded into its face and obtains a bit of Persona's costume with it.
  • Mythology Gag: Its role in the plot and its backstory is rather similar to its original appearance back on the Genesis. It's a being comprised of nothing but hatred and negativity that acts as a counterpart to a good being. It was also sealed away, and spawned multiple Dark Falzes whose original roles were to resurrect the Profound Darkness. Its battle format is also reminiscent of its original Final Boss fight, starting as a monstrous being that eventually transforms into something more humanoid in design in its second phase.
  • Rare Random Drop: Comes packed with its fair share of 12★ and 13★ weapons, but special mention goes to the Class Stickers, which are special Stickers that drop from fighting it in the Solo Extreme Quest. As if getting to it wasn't already hard enough, you have to contend with both it and the RNG if you intend on grabbing this Cosmetic Award.
  • Sentient Cosmic Force: The Profound Darkness doesn't really have a consciousness the way the Dark Falzes do: it's more like a natural disaster.
  • Sequel Difficulty Drop: The Profound Darkness can be this compared to other Episode Final Bosses if the A.R.K.S. buff at any level is active. Without the buff, it's actually an extremely difficult raid boss that deals at most 90% of a player's health per hit in damage. With the buff, however, it becomes nearly incapable of killing anyone if you maintain a high HP total.
    • Difficulty Spike: So in response, the developers made it harder. A lot harder. All of its attacks were massively buffed in scope and attack power, and the strength of the the A.R.K.S. buff was decreased, so it can now One-Hit Kill players very easily. The remastered version also adds in a few new mechanics and changes up the existing patterns: for example, growing a massive eye that both acts as a weak point and a warning sign that it's about to go berserk.
  • Sword Beam: Viel/Dio Hunar can shoot crescent sword beams at players with a blade of its own making. It highly resembles Falz Hunar's own Sword Beam attack when he uses the Elder Pain.
  • Total Party Kill: If you somehow manage to screw up the fight with Persona, it will deploy a field-wide attack that is an unavoidable One-Hit Kill. Hope you had a Photon Blast in reserve!
  • Theme Music Power-Up: As with Elder and Loser, The whole new world plays when the Profound Darkness is at critical health, except this time, add drums and electric guitar!
  • Wave Motion Gun: The advanced version goes absolutely trigger happy with these. When it enters any stun cycle in phase 3, it reveals a core that throws out powerful beams regularly, all of which can deal immense damage.
  • Weapon of Choice: Matoi Viel wields the Rod Agrissa and the Wand Phantasma.
  • You Will Not Evade Me: As Viel/Dio Hunar, it can generate a ball that pulls players near it to a single point. It tends to follow this up with its spear attack, which has a pretty decent chance to kill you if you aren't going anywhere due to the vacuum. It retains this attack in its true form, but scaled up to an absurd degree.

Dark Falz Persona

The true form of Persona that attacks ARKS after the black hole is sealed. Despite appearing sentient, Dark Falz Persona is nothing more than a mere shell, having lost the essence that sustains it. It isn't clear on how or why it suddenly breaks into the Oracle dimension, but it is speculated that it could potentially be looking for something, possibly its essence.

  • All Your Powers Combined: Dark Falz Persona possesses the powers of Elder, Loser, Apprentice and Double thanks to Elmir's assimilation of their factors within the Akashic Record. Its initial forms each emulate one of the four individually, but upon entering its final phase it takes on a form that combines all of the others into one massive monstrosity that can use all of their abilities.
  • Attack Its Weakpoint: Weak points are the only places to harm it aside from its mask. In the first and second phases, these come in the form of cores that will stun Persona if they are all destroyed, while in the third phase, its chest acts as a core. Its mask will also act as a weak point if the mask over it is broken.
  • Dash Attack: Much like Dark Falz Double, Persona can ram the stage at high speed when it wears the Double Mask or Persona Mask.
  • Death from Above: Upon donning the Elder Mask, it attacks by raining its giant arms onto the stage like meteors.
  • Desperation Attack:
    • When its health drops low enough, it flies into the background before summoning a giant orb in the center of the stage. If it is not destroyed, it unleashes a devastating attack that inflicts fatal damage to all players onscreen. However, if it's destroyed, Persona summons a second, larger orb that also must be destroyed to avoid a devastating attack. If the second orb is destroyed, Persona becomes stunned for a brief period of time.
    • Upon dropping to extremely low health, it teleports to the center of the stage and unleashes a final attack that hits extremely hard. However, doing so breaks its mask and renders it crippled permanently, allowing players to wail on it until it dies. In the Trigger Quest version, it instead Turns Red after this attack.
  • Empty Shell: Like Apprentice Gia, Dark Falz Persona is nothing more than the remnants of Persona's power given form, futilely seeking to reunite with its fallen host.
  • Frickin' Laser Beams: Loves these. Especially when it uses its Apprentice Mask.
  • Giant Space Flea from Nowhere: Unlike other Episode Final Bosses, it has very little relation to the main story and its presence is barely elaborated upon.
  • Ground Pound: Slamming the ground is fairly common when it uses the Elder Mask.
  • Time Stands Still: Much like Dark Falz Loser itself, it can use a time stop attack when it wears the Loser Mask. It also gains this attack with the Persona Mask, and can combine it with its other attacks.
  • Turns Red: In the Trigger Quest version, it becomes enraged after using its "final" attack, indicated by the background turning blood red. In this state Persona becomes incredibly violent and hammers players with repeated, hard-hitting attacks, giving players one last struggle before it dies.
  • Wave Motion Gun: Persona can spit out a giant beam when it wears the Double Mask. It can also do so with the Persona Mask using a different firing pattern.

The black creatures from Kuron who used to have peaceful relations with Shirona thanks to the Ashen Maiden. However, Dark Falz Double showed up and infected them.


A strange creature with multiple arms wielding prayer beads inside of a wheel.
  • Expy: Of the Youkai, Wanyuudou.
  • Playing with Fire: It stands still and shoots fire at you and will charge at you with a flaming wheel attack.


A group of monsters said to arise from the fears and imaginations of mankind. They are composed of "aether", a mysterious particle used for high-speed wireless data transmission, and have been manifesting on the planet Earth in the year 2028 AD. Their weak points bear the symbol of "Mother Cluster", a worldwide organisation responsible for maintaining the aether-powered cloud OS "ESCA".


Voiced by: Rina Sato

The mysterious leader of Mother Cluster, who is spoken about in reverent tones by its members. She seems to direct the actions of the "Apostles": aether-sensitive humans who are granted the ability to manifest and control the Phantoms at will.

  • Affably Evil: She seems to genuinely care for her Apostles, and while she uses the Phantoms to control Earth, she doesn't wish for large-scale destruction.
  • All Your Powers Combined: Acquires all the powers of the four Dark Falzes, because the corrupted photons from Al were originally from the Player Character, who absorbed the Falz photons from fighting them. She can even combine the individual powers into new attacks.
  • Anti-Villain: A quiet, caring and heartfelt person, albeit a little aloof and otherworldly. Unfortunately she has a massive chip on her shoulder and serious abandonment issues.
  • Apologetic Attacker: As ESCA Falz Mother, since she has lost control of her body to the Darker elements.
  • Attack Its Weak Point: As ESCA Falz Mother she's invincible until you take out the Arms, which opens her chest and exposes the weak point on her heart.
  • Battle Theme Music: A heavily-remixed version of the Phantasy Star II boss theme, "Death Place", which has become synonymous with Mother Brain.
  • Composite Character: In gameplay, the battle against ESC-A Falz Mother can quite literally be summed up as "every Falz battle mashed into a single character". The fight occurs on a circular arena like Loser's, the background resembles that of the Profound Darkness fight, a Falz Arms gimmick is used like the Elder fight, and One-Hit Kill moves are used at certain intervals like the Apprentice fight. There's also the fact that said Arms use modified versions of existing Falz moves that make her act like a Ditto Fighter.
  • Cloning Blues: A clone of Xion discarded for being "imperfect" (due to her pesky free will), who just wants to prove herself and to be rid of her loneliness.
  • Difficulty Spike: When finally confronted in Chapter 4-7, the final battle consists of ESCA Falz Mother - as in the raid boss at a whopping Level 70, lacking only one attack from the proper Emergency Quest encounter.
  • Ditto Fighter: A large majority of ESCA Falz Mother's attacks are based on the four Dark Falz bosses: Elder, Loser, Double, and Apprentice.
  • Doppelgänger: She's the first copy of Xion created by the Photoners, and has Xiao's face.
  • Evil Is Not a Toy: She absorbs Al to gain his powers as a photon-aether hybrid, but because Al is actually a Dark Falz, she struggles to suppress the Darker elements and gives birth to uncontrollable ESCA Darkers.
  • Fighting from the Inside: Before the final story battle with Deus, Ardem no longer containing her allows the remnants of her spirit to break free and merge with Aru, letting them be a source of power for the Embodied Weapons that Deus just banished from the party so they have a fighting chance.
  • Flechette Storm: ESCA Falz Mother's Loser Arm is capable of raining small knives down in a concentrated area for enormous damage, resembling Loser's One-Hit Kill attack.
  • Frickin' Laser Beams: Par for the course for Falz bosses. In the initial phase, she summons various laser arrays that inflict massive damage to your Rideroid if you happen to fly into them. In the fight proper, she supplements her regular attacks with lasers.
  • Heel–Face Door-Slam: Mother is about to join Hitsugi and Aru in a peaceful life when she is murdered and absorbed by Ardem. She manages to atone later after Deus is summoned by Fighting from the Inside, but still fades from existence after the battle.
  • I Have the High Ground: On Tokyo Tower!
  • One-Hit Kill: In the final stage of the fight against ESCA Falz Mother, she summons and draws in a number of destructible cubes, then deals damage to everyone depending on how many she absorbs. The damage can be in the tens of thousands, though it's not technically a automatic kill (unlike the Yamato's missile barrage or the Guar Zigmorde's soul brand) because it can be avoided with invincibility effects or a dodge move that grants invincibility frames.
  • One-Winged Angel: As ESCA Falz Mother.
  • That's No Moon!: Her real body is the Moon. Yes, the Moon.
  • Theme Song Power Up: You get two during the battle against ESCA Falz Mother: when the weak point on her heart is exposed, and the typical reprise of The Whole New World during the final phase.
  • Tragic Villain: By the time Episode 4 begins, Mother has near-total control over Earth and a loyal party of trusted friends. She has no reason to escalate her plans, and is actually perturbed by some of the evil things she and her Apostles do. Yet she is unable to relinquish her vendetta against the Photoners, which pushes her into some very regrettable actions and culminates in her becoming corrupted into ESCA Falz Mother, betrayed by Ophiel and then slain by Ardem.
  • Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds: Created by the Photoners as a copy of Xion, then dumped into subspace when they couldn't control her. Ultimately her actions are driven by a deep sense of loneliness and a desire to lash out at the Photoners.

Hagito Anie

Voiced by: Kenichi Suzumura

The genius president of YMT Corporation, a popular software company specialising in ESCA apps. He leads a double-life as the "Apostle of Metal": a devout of Mother Cluster and one of the directors of the Phantoms, which he can manifest and control through the mysterious "Emerald Tablet". As a military geek, his Phantoms take the form of historically-noteworthy war machines.

  • Card-Carrying Villain: He acts pretty evil for the sake of being evil.
  • Cool Ship: Creates a Phantom version of the Yamato, a famous World War II flagship which has been romanticised by Japanese culture.
  • Heel–Face Turn: In the "Where Are They Now?" Epilogue, Hitsugi mentions a news article that concerns Hagito pulling a sudden change of heart and doing some charity work.
  • Jerkass: Known for this in real life. Hitsugi calls him "friendless" at one point.
  • Meaningful Name: Named after "Hagith", the Olympian spirit associated with Venus, and "Aniel", an archangel who is also associated with Venus.
  • Otaku: Hitsugi and Kori pin him as such after he gushes over the Yamato and its meaning to the YMT Corporation on live television.
  • The Power of Hate: His childish hatred towards ARKS for getting in his way, and desire for an opponent capable of defeating them, conjures the Phantasmal Battleship Yamato: an incredibly dangerous enemy that requires an entire squadron of Humongous Mecha to fight it.
  • Put on a Bus: He is conspicuously absent after summoning the Phantasmal Battleship Yamato. Chapter 4-6 reveals in a throwaway comment that he's still alive, but is being left alone by the rest of Mother Cluster.
  • Smug Snake: Fancies himself as an Evil Overlord who emotionally manipulates Kori against Hitsugi, but throws a hissy fit when things don't go his way.
  • Villainous Breakdown: After ARKS bails out Hitsugi and Al and he is forced to run, he makes his way to an empty rooftop somewhere, where he abruptly flips his shit and goes ballistic over his loss.
  • Would Hit a Girl: He slaps Kouri across the face when she starts getting in his way.

Bethor Zelazny

Voiced by: Ryusei Nakao

An insane film director who serves as the "Apostle of Wood" for Mother Cluster. His Phantoms are drawn from iconic movie genres such as zombie or Kaiju pictures.

  • Disaster Movie: He directed a film known as "The Liner", whose posters can be seen all around Tokyonote . Said poster features a gigantic train/dragon hybrid attacking Tokyo. Appropriately, he's the cause of Train Ghidoran, the monster based off his Kaiju from "The Liner".
  • Evil Is Hammy: And how!
  • Flunky Boss: When not fighting, he sics Phantoms on you while sitting behind the safety of a barrier. He never fights with his flunkies, though.
  • Human Pincushion: Gets stabbed in and out by numerous surgical knives after Ophiel decides that his directing days are over. As usual PSO2 standard, not a trace of blood is left behind.
  • Improbable Weapon User: When not commandeering a Phantom, he fights on foot with his megaphone and clapperboard. Oh, and they make stuff explode.
  • Mad Artist: He goes on a rampage in Tokyo for the chance to film real-life destruction and carnage for a movie.
  • Meaningful Name: Named after "Bethor", the Olympian spirit associated with Jupiter, and Roger Zelazny (an American sci-fi writer).
  • Precision F-Strike: When things start going south, he tends to drop a "SHIT!" in glorious Engrish. When things go really south, they tend to be followed with an even more Engrish-y "HOLY SHIT!"
  • Prima Donna Director
  • Robeast: Train Ghidoran
  • Stuff Blowing Up: Fan of explosions, which he will abuse in his boss fight.
  • Surprisingly Good English: He injects Gratuitous English into his speech, and his accent is understandable to a native English speaker.

Phaleg Ives

Voiced by: Yuko Minaguchi

An inhumanly strong Blood Knight and Mother Cluster's "Apostle of Fire". Unlike the other members of Mother Cluster she does not use aether and is not as devoted to Mother; however, because of her fighting strength and lust for combat, she is given free agency to hunt down the enemies of Mother Cluster.

  • Blood Knight: She has no interest in Mother's actual plans, but since being a part of Mother Cluster means she gets to fight strong opponents, she does it anyway. It turns out she has a specific grudge against Ardem.
  • Bonus Boss: You can fight her in a bonus chapter in which she has additional attacks and several handicaps are applied, including Time-Limit Boss, healing nerf, and no Scape Dolls or Half Dolls.
  • Charles Atlas Superpower: She explicitly does not use aether, implying this. The other characters speculate that she has reached the absolute apex of human ability. It helps that she's been alive for tens of thousands of years.
  • The Dreaded: To the members of Earth Guide, who call her "The Demon".
  • Eyes Always Shut: Constantly wears this expression unless she's serious, where she reveals her Supernatural Gold Eyes. Players can wear the same expression if they earn the "Slit Eyes" Scratch Bonus.
  • Flash Step: She demonstrates unimaginable speed when she attacks you in her introductory cutscene. In her battle, she brings this down to mere Super Speed, although it's clear that she's holding back.
  • Launcher Move: One attack involves smashing the ground. If you're in range, this move will launch you up, which Phaleg will follow up by kicking you into the ground.
  • Meaningful Name: Named after "Phaleg", the Olympian spirit associated with Mars, and "Eve", aka The First Woman in Christian mythology.
  • Motherly Side Plait: Her braid is worn like this. However, she's not a mom, and she's evil.
  • No-Sell: Both times Enga tries to shoot her, she simply blocks the bullets with a wave of her hand.
  • Playing with Fire: Some of her attacks incorporate flames.
  • Supernatural Gold Eyes
  • Super Strength: The very first attack she tries to maul you with cuts straight into Vegas' turf. She also manages to catch Hitsugi's sword with her bare hand and flings her about half a mile, as well as deflect one of Enga's gunshots with just her hand.
  • Stuff Blowing Up: A fan of explosions as much she is of fire.
  • Wild Card: She is a member of Mother Cluster, but makes it very clear that her true allegiance lies with herself and humanity as a whole. This is why she supports the members of Mother Cluster who nurture their own human talent for manipulating aether, but opposes Ardem for his attempts to change humanity.
  • Worthy Opponent: After the fight, she deems you this. Hitsugi and Enga, on the other hand...

Och Miller

Voiced by: Manami Numakura

A prodigy scientist and mathematician who acts as Mother Cluster's "Apostle of Sun". Her Phantoms are inspired by famous scientific theorems and thought experiments such as Laplace's Demon.

  • Barrier Warrior: She can create barriers around herself and her allies by "adjusting probability vectors" in such a way that incoming attacks become impossible to land. During her Dual Boss fight with Phul, Och's own barrier is impenetrable until you destroy Laplace's Demon first.
  • Disney Death: She and Phul are apparently left for dead after being defeated by the player and Enga, but return for 4-8 to help your party fend off Ardem's Phantoms.
  • Dual Boss: With Phul.
  • Evil Genius: Of the Apostles. (Though this is largely an Informed Attribute until her plan to sever your connection to the ARKS Ship goes off without a hitch, at least until your magical plot powers find another way back.)
  • Improbable Weapon User: Her Embodied Weapon is an oversized protractor.
  • Karma Houdini: Along with Phul, they're the only members of Mother Cluster who are explicitly have been shown to commit an actually villainous act and get away scot-free.
  • Mad Mathematician: A villainous mathematician whose preoccupation with numbers bleeds into her speech.
  • Meaningful Name: Named after "Och", the Olympian spirit associated with the Sun, and Henry Miller, a diversified American writer.
  • Romantic Two-Girl Friendship: With Phul. The PSO2 website describes their relationship as "True Friends".
  • Verbal Tic: Typically speaks in "percents", befitting of her mathematical prowess.

Phul Janice Lasswitz

Voiced by: Yui Ogura

A world-renowned and best-selling author. She serves Mother Cluster as the "Apostle of Moon".

  • Disney Death: She and Och are apparently left for dead after being defeated by the player and Enga, but return for 4-8 to help your party fend off Ardem's Phantoms.
  • Dual Boss: With Och.
  • Karma Houdini: Along with Och, they're the only members of Mother Cluster who are explicitly have been shown to commit an actually villainous act and get away scot-free.
  • Meaningful Name: Named after "Phul", the Olympian spirit associated with the Moon, and Kurd Lasswitz, a famous German sci-fi writer.
  • Meta Guy: Comes with the territory of being a Genre Savvy author.
  • Reality Warper: The true power of her Embodied Weapon. She uses it to trap you and Enga in a "Groundhog Day" Loop.
  • Romantic Two-Girl Friendship: With Och. The PSO2 website describes their relationship as "True Friends".
  • Throw the Book at Them: Her Embodied Weapon.
  • White Mage: In her Dual Boss fight with Och, Phul focuses on buffing and healing her allies.

Aratron Tolstoy

Voiced by: Yuichi Nagashima

An accomplished historian and archaeologist. He is Mother Cluster's "Apostle of Earth".

Ophiel Herbert

Voiced by: Takehito Koyasu

An exceptional surgeon whose ability is said to be godlike. He is the "Apostle of Water" within Mother Cluster.

  • Actor Allusion: A villain charismatic enough to place himself as the leader of his own groupnote  who has the ability to brainwash other peoplenote  and attacks and kills Bethor by throwing a storm of scalpels. All that's missing is vampirism and the ability to freeze time.
  • Brainwashing: A speciality of his, due to his ability to manipulate the aether within someone's body. He uses this ability to brainwash and control Kohri.
  • The Dragon: Though there is no designated leader of the Apostles, Ophiel acts the closest to one and is most willing to get his hands dirty. Later proves himself to be a Deceptive Disciple, as he is actually a spy for Earth Guide.
  • Eviler Than Thou: His first action is to kill off Bethor for going on a destructive rampage.
  • Fate Worse than Death: Since it would be impossible to punish him through the criminal justice system, Phaleg takes him into her "care".
  • Flechette Storm: With scalpels!
  • Manipulative Bastard
  • Meaningful Name: Named after "Ophiel", the Olympian spirit associated with Mercury, and Frank Herbert, an American sci-fi writer.
  • Teleport Spam: Abuses this during the 4-8 boss battle.
  • Villain Teleportation: Ophiel's speciality. He has the ability to isolate a point in space (and whatever is inside it) then transfer it to another place. In practical terms, this means teleportation. He even manages to teleport your ARKS Ship back to the Oracle dimension.


An immensely powerful Phantom brought into being by Ardem cointegrating the powers of Mother and Aru into his own millennia-old aether. Deus ESCA is Ardem's attempt to make God descend unto the world and remake it; however, as it is born from Ardem's impure interpretations of God and lack of faith in humanity, Deus ESCA is a callous being of destruction that merely imitates the idea of God.

  • BFS: Deus Hunas wields one nearly as big as its body. When it becomes Deus ESCA Zephiroth, its sword scales in size.
  • Colony Drop: In the final portion of his boss battle, Deus ESCA Zephiroth destroys part of the Moon and sends it crashing down towards Earth. You have five minutes to defeat him to stop it.
  • Final Boss: Of Episode 4.
  • Final Boss, New Dimension: According to Word of God, Deus ESCA Zephiroth's appearance creates an aether duplicate of Earth and the Moon that threatens to overwrite "normal" reality. This is why the Earth isn't actually destroyed if you fail to stop Zephiroth's Colony Drop: you simply make a hasty retreat back to the normal dimension.
  • Fisher King: Its arrival is heralded by a large continent appearing from nowhere with the massive Yggdrasil tree at its center. The longer Deus ESCA exists, the further the continent spreads, overwriting everything in its path, but it all fades away if it is defeated.
  • Foil: To the Profound Darkness. Deus ESCA seeks to recreate the world where the Profound Darkness desires only destruction.
  • Gold and White Are Divine: Similar to the Profound Darkness, all of its forms have this color scheme, only mixing it with Aether-induced light-blue as opposed to the Profound Darkness' red.
  • Green Thumb: Many of its attacks involve creating massive thorns to impale the player.
  • Light Is Not Good: It is by no means a loving god.
  • Marathon Boss: Its Emergency Quest has you fighting Deus Hunas, some massive trash packs, Deus Anges and finally Deus ESCA Zephiroth in succession. The last one takes longer to kill than the rest combined.
  • Nerf: Upon release, the Extra Hard version of Deus ESCA Zephiroth had such a demanding DPS race that most players failed the Colony Drop section at the end, and those that passed did so with only a few seconds left on the clock. This clear rate was far below what the dev team had planned (they were aiming for something close to ESCA Falz Mother) so Zephiroth's HP was adjusted in a later patch.
  • Orochi: The form of Deus ESCA Zephiroth is inspired by this and the dragon described in the Book of Revelation: a seven-headed draconic monster wearing a crown of thorns, who seeks to imitate the authority of God with an army of fallen angels.
  • Reality Warper: It proves its godly credentials by creating Yggdrasil just by existing, banishing Hitsugi's, Kohri's and Enga's Embodied Weapons with a flick of its wrist, and banishing the Player Character back to their own world with another flick of its wrist.
  • True Final Boss: Defeating Deus ESCA Zephiroth unlocks the ability to immediately challenge Deus ESCA Gracia for better loot. Gracia is a demonic Palette Swap of Zephiroth with special restrictions: up to four players only (compared to Zephiroth's twelve) with their Main Class and Sub Class at least Lv.80, a twenty-minute time limit, and only five KOs allowed across all raid members.
  • Tulpa: Despite carrying itself as the God and demonstrating the Reality Warper abilities to back it up, it is in reality a Phantom based on Ardem's idea of what God is, and as a result has a personality and goals not unlike Ardem's own.

Mysterious flowers that bloomed in Omega a few decades ago. These flowers are capable of acting as a catalyst, allowing the people of Omega to perform powerful magic. However, it slowly drives the user to insanity with every use. Each of the nations use the flowers for their own schools of magic, but the effects of the Ephemera were not world changing until the Omega version of Luther invented Demon Castle Summoning magic, turning the tide of the war between nations. The flowers are actually a mass of Darker particles born from the Profound Darkness.

Elmir Verunian / Dark Falz Persona II

The younger brother and advisor of Schlegger, the Verunian Emperor. After Schlegger's defeat at the hands of the Guardian, he travels between nations to carry out his own plans. He is actually Omega's counterpart of Persona, a Dark Falz created when the Profound Darkness entered the Akashic Record. His goal is to retrieve the four Dark Falzes' factors and use Harriet as a vessel to expand the black hole and absorb everything.

    Photoners (EPISODE 5 Spoilers!) 


A mysterious entity that turns up on the ARKS Ship following the closure of the black hole leading to Omega. The self-proclaimed "Goddess of Demise", Shiva is a female being awoken from long slumber as the result of the player's actions in the Omega universe. She bears a very strong resemblance to Harriet and serves as the narrator for the EPISODE 5 cutscenes.

  • Alternate Self: Technically the original, but she's the Oracle Universe version of Harriet after she ascended to godhood. This is a problem because, unlike Omega where you changed history to save Harriet's soul and she became a benevolent god, Oracle Harriet matches the actual Downer Ending history where Harriet's soul was kicked out and the darkness takes full control of her body.
  • Big Bad: Set up to be the main villain of Episode 6.
  • Energy Absorption: She has the ability to absorb Photons, which she can also bestow as a "blessing" upon others. All of ARKS' weaponry is Photon-based. This alone makes her a nigh-insurmountable threat.
  • Evil Power Vacuum: No sooner do you save Persona and essentially end the threat of the Profound Darkness for good, Shiva appears on Oracle to establish herself as the new Big Bad. And just to rub salt in the wound, it's BECAUSE you finished off the Profound Darkness that she was able to manifest physically, having absorbed the power that the Profound Darkness' black hole left behind.
  • Light Is Not Good: It comes with the territory of being a Photoner. She and her cohorts dress primarily in white, and her minions are called Luminmechs, but make no mistake, she's a malevolent destructive force.
  • Multicolored Hair: Her hair is blond at the top then fades into the soft blue of Harriet's.
  • Narrator All Along: That book that keeps appearing in Episode 5 cutscenes, telling the history of Omega? It belongs to her. She's been reading it to you.
  • Physical God: She's Oracle Harriet post-ascension.
  • Red Eyes, Take Warning: Her most notable physical difference from Harriet is that Shiva has a distinctly unnerving pair of pale red eyes with white pupils.
  • Sinister Geometry: Her power manifests as shining red octohedrons.
  • Soft-Spoken Sadist: She speaks very politely and, indeed, softly, yet very clearly takes great pleasure in wreaking destruction and inflicting suffering.


The Oracle universe counterpart of Valna LaShiec. Valna is a mysterious being who came to be under similar circumstances to Shiva. Much like his Omegan counterpart, Valna displays a high level of politeness and loyalty despite being affiliated with Shiva.

  • Arc Villain: Valna shows up in Chapter 2 to impede the heroes' attempt to revive Xiao when they go to Amduscia's core.
  • Cool Sword: He wields a kickass white and red sword that has a space-like visual effect on it similar to Regius' Tsukuriyo.
  • Mirror Match: Curiously, Valna uses some of the Etoile's Photon Arts as attacks, such as Blade Destruction.
  • Red Eyes, Take Warning: He has the same soft red, white-pupiled eyes as Shiva.
  • Spell My Name with an "S": It's "Varuna" in the fan translation.


The second of Shiva's cohorts who also appeared with Valna and Shiva on the ARKS Ship. She is known as the "False Goddess", with the ability to summon powerful illusions that allow her to take the form and powers of other people.

  • Facial Markings: She has triangle-shaped marks above and below both of her eyes.
  • Paranoia Fuel: Invoked. She describes her own powers as such, telling the ARKS that she's seen many a foe destroyed by suspicion; having a shapeshifting enemy means you can't really trust any of your allies to truly be your allies...
  • Red Eyes, Take Warning: She too has sinister red eyes.
  • Voluntary Shapeshifting: She can take the form of anyone she pleases, mimicking not just their appearance but their abilities.


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