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Just as one might have guessed from the game's title, KanColle boasts a massive cast of collectible, personified warships (Kanmusu) from World War IInote , with every ship having her own distinctive characteristic and personality, to some extent.


Character sheets

Playable Characters

The playable kanmusu can be found in the following sheets, categorized by naval classes:
  • Kan Colle One: Covers the Destroyers of the Kamikaze, Mutsuki, Fubuki, Ayanami, Akatsuki, Hatsuharu, and Shiratsuyu-classes.
  • Kan Colle Two: Covers the Destroyers of the Asashio, Kagerou, Yuugumo, Akizuki, Shimakaze, and Matsu-classes.
  • Kan Colle Three: Covers the Light and Heavy Cruiser classes.
  • Kan Colle Four: Covers the Battleship and (Light) Aircraft Carrier classes
  • Kan Colle Five: Covers the Submarine and Destroyer Escort classes, as well as Auxiliary Vessels, the ships from the Imperial Japanese Army, and the Event-exclusive ships from the Arpeggio of Blue Steel collaboration.
  • Kan Colle Six: Covers the foreign ships affiliated with the Axis Powers (The Kriegsmarine and the Regia Marina.)
  • Kan Colle Seven: Covers the rest of the foreign ships, particularly those affiliated with Allies

Non-playables and Miscellaneous

  • Kan Colle Eight: Covers enemy factions of the game; the Abyssal Fleet, permanent antagonist, and Enemy!Mist Fleet, Christmas 2013 Event antagonist.
  • Kan Colle Other Official Works: Covers characters that are introduced via one of the printed media, like the manga or light novels.

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    Rashinban Musu / Compass Girl 
  • The Dreaded: Every Admiral is at the mercy of the compass. Pray that the compass fairies don't send your fleet into a dead end after a series of hard fought battles.
  • Four-Temperament Ensemble: The four Compass Fairy fit this, even with their limited script.
    • Sanguine: The one with a chick. Her face in permanent X3, she talks in Motor Mouth, and she's always trembling with excitement every time she spins the compass.
    • Choleric: The one dressed like a witch. The most noticeable of the four, dressed gaudily even for the fairy's standard but her speech bubbles always filled with tad bit of trivia.
    • Melancholic: The one with the hair clip. Doesn't really stand out, but most hard-working. Ambivalent of anything.
    • Phlegmatic: The green-haired one. Always looks sleepy, doesn't talk much, and even that she's pretty apathetic.

    Error Musu 

  • Badass Adorable: They man every piece of equipment and pilot every plane in the game. And they are cuter than a box of kittens.
  • The Greatest Story Never Told: Very rarely appear in media, despite being essentially crew of the ships/pilots/maintenance personnel.
  • Fairy Companion: For the ship girls. due to them manning and operating all the equipment on behalf of the shipgirls. In some fanworks they tend to follow around the girls in day to day activities as well.
  • Loads and Loads of Characters: every equipment type has a unique fairy sprite note . Currently there are well over 150 equipment fairies, plus construction workers and NPC's.

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