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Kim White is a pilot and daughter of the famous scientist Dr. White. Her mission is to stop the Black Hammer Gang and take back the inventions that they stole from her father, and help Michel rescue all of the Fairies of Nature to restore the Tree of Life. She has a short spiky reddish brown hair, fair complexion and also leafy green eyes.


Michel is the Guardian Fairy. He protects all of the other Fairies of Nature and watches over the Tree of Life. He is based on the character of The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Expury. Michel is compassionate to just about everyone, and knows that treasures are more than just money. In battle, he can join with other fairies to amplify their powers, often giving him wings. He has a short blonde hair, fair complexion and mysterious violet eyes.


Rena is one of the Fairies of Nature. She is the Flower Fairy. Rena accompanies Michel on his journey and helps the Tree of Life to grow. Rena has no combat abilities, but can listen to what the tree is saying and sense where the other fairies are. She is also able to make flowers bloom and heal damaged flowers.


Sitel, not to be confused with Sitel Island, is one of the Fairies of Nature. He is an island turtle who can fly, and was the Black Hammer Gang's first fairy monster. He mainly serves as transportation for Kim and Michel.


Laura is the spirit of the Tree of Life. She advises Kim and Michel on their quest to bring back the Fairies of Nature. She has the ability to repair broken objects, such as when she fixed Kim's Mirage Blaster. Laura also has psychic abilities, as she can contact the heroes mentally and can sense when bad things are going to happen to Sitel Island.


Lady Salome

Lady Salome is the ringleader of the villainous Black Hammer Gang. A short-tempered, sneaky woman, she'll stop at nothing to get her hands on all of the world's treasures. She is vain and self-centered, and loathes being called an old lady. Boogy, Woogy, Meggi, and Biam serve her every whim, though not always willingly.


Boogy is a member of the Black Hammer Gang and is a brother to Woogy and Meggi. He serves as Salome's second in command, and is often the first to move forward with her plans. He is implied to be the oldest of his brothers.


Woogy is a member of the Black Hammer Gang and a brother to Meggi and Boogy. He is strong, but simple-minded. He's generally the first to question Salome's plans.


Meggi is a member of the Black Hammer Gang and a brother to Woogy and Boogy. He serves as Salome's chief scientist, often developing the robots and gadgets they use to steal treasure. He also developed the machine used to turn the Fairies of Nature into fairy monsters. Meggi is implied to be the youngest of the three brothers.


Biam is one of the Fairies of Nature and a member of the Black Hammer Gang. What type of fairy he is is unknown. He resembles a green snake with tiny wings and a rattle for a tail, and enjoys picking on the other fairies. He has a strong rivalry with Poyo. As a fairy monster, Biam resembles a huge serpent with a spiked tail and draconic wings.


    Minor Fairies 


Polly is the fairy of the forest. She and Biam accidentally fused once, creating a forest dragon.


Queen is the snow fairy and appears in the Episode 10 "Rescue Of The Winter Fairy" where she took a form of small fox after she left the Ice-like Tree of Life form inside of a cave and she took the blame on Kim for letting herself and the Black Hammer Gang accidentally crashed down to the island, she blamed Kim badly, she called Poyo a weak one and challenges him to fight so he could proof himself that he is a stronger fairy and she was mad at Michel.

    Characters of the Day 


Ian is a character of the day in episode 7. He hails from Russia and is obsessed with finding the Phoenix he once saw as a child, creating complicated traps to catch it.

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