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Nightmare Fuel / Guardian Fairy Michel

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  • The Illusion Fairy, Pensy, almost tricks Kim into stepping off of a cliff. Later, Salome uses it to trick her into almost destroying Honeybee, using an illusion of her dead father to get her to comply.
  • In episode 7, Salome urges the fire fairy, Flamie, to set a forest on fire to lure the Phoenix out of hiding. She cackles gleefully as it burns down, not caring what happens so long as she can capture the Phoenix.
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  • Several fairy monsters are able to cause disasters, such as a water fairy who creates a huge tidal wave. It takes all of Michel and Kim's effort to hold it back.
  • In episode 10, Salome kidnaps a young girl named Anna to capture the Winter fairy, Queen. When Queen nearly destroys their ship to get Anna back, Salome decides to let her go... by ejecting her from the ship, then turning Queen into a monster. Only Kim's intervention saves Anna.
  • Episode 12 has a young boy named Boris trying to climb a huge tower with his bare hands to prove he's not scared. He is scared, and Kim has to save him from falling off of the tower.
  • The Monster of Light and Darkness, a living, goopy shadow creature that captures Salome and Michel. Its Light form is a stoic birdlike creature that attacks with blinding light.
  • The dark Pharaoh Lucifer in episode 23, who gives the heroes the hardest fight of the entire series.
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  • The final Fairy Monster, a mega-upgraded Biam.


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