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Characters / Chronicles of the Gods
aka: A Game Of Gods Infinities

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Overarching character page for the Chronicles of the Gods series of roleplays.

A Game of Gods characters

  • A Game Of Gods Champions: The protagonists who made it out of A Game Of Gods without being confined into Limbo.
  • A Game Of Gods Ex Champions: The protagonists which have been retired or whose players have quit, thus consigning them to limbo.
  • A Game Of Gods NP Cs: Characters with whom the Champions interact during and between their Challenges. It is divided into two groups: Mission-Specific NPCs, those that only appear for a single mission; and Overarching NPCs, those that, by accident or design, have become important to the overall plot and are featured beyond their own worlds.
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  • A Game Of Gods Nomads: The driving force and (arguable) main antagonists of the game. A race of powerful space gods, they travel the universe looking to abduct mortals which catch their eyes and pit them against one another as Champions in their various Challenges. There are two known groups of Nomads thus far, each running their own game separate from the other—the Grecian Nomads, whose names are all letters of the Greek alphabet, and the Roman Nomads, whose names are derived from Roman numerals.


Twilight of the Gods characters

  • A Game Of Gods Overlords: The protagonists of Twilight of the Gods. Unlike their Champion counterparts in A Game Of Gods, every single Overlord is a villain to the core and generally far more powerful.

A Game of Gods: Infinities characters

A Game of Gods: Taskforce Sifuri characters


Eclipse of the Gods characters

Alternative Title(s): A Game Of Gods, A Game Of Gods Infinities, A Game Of Gods Taskforce Sifuri, Eclipse Of The Gods