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Vannozza Catanei

(Played by Assumpta Serna)
"When Rodrigo Borgia left my bed, after 10 years of bliss, I… I felt a cancer burrow through me. But here I am, a decade later, with a beautiful villa, a large estate, owner of a thriving vineyard, three prospering inns—"
Vannozza Catanei
Rodrigo's ex mistress. Mother to four of his children—Juan, Cesare, Lucrezia, and Goffredo—and a fifth son, Ottaviano, by her husband.
  • Amicable Exes: Rodrigo and Vannozza
  • Historical Hero Upgrade: From what we can gleam from the letters of the real Vannozza, she was a rather sour, greedy woman, hungry for riches and honors, often pestering her daughter Lucrezia for money and trying to get out of paying her debts. She was far from the loving and devoted mother figure she is in the show, and her relationship with her children (except perhaps Cesare) was so cold that Lucrezia even noted how emotionless she felt when she died.
  • Mama Bear: She is very protective of her children. Especially evident during Lucrezia's illness, when she defies Adriana da Mila and takes her daughter back.


Giulia Farnese

(Played by Marta Gastini)
Rodrigo's mistress during his papacy. Married to Orsino Migliorati, mother to Laura by Rodrigo, sister to Alessandro.


Giovanni Sforza

Count of Pesaro

(Played by Manuel Rubey)
Lucrezia's first husband—a marriage arranged as a truce between the Borgia and Sforza.
  • Dogged Nice Guy
  • The Loins Sleep Tonight: Lucrezia and her first husband, Giovanni. She is not impressed, and he is later divorced for said failure.
  • Kick the Dog
    Lucrezia: You, not we. You're a failure—at love, at war—you're a failure as a man. There is no room for you in the Borgia family, nor in my heart.



Lucrezia's lover.


Sancia Squillace

(Played by Eliska Krenková)
Goffredo: My wife, she is a wanton bitch.
Cesare: She was born illegitimate, raised in a corrupt court. She was notorious before your marriage. I image that's why King Ferrante was so eager to marry her off to a Borgia.
Goffredo's wife, and Juan's lover.


Maria Enriquez de Luna

(Played by Mónica Lopera)Juan's wife.


Alfonso di Calabria

(Played by Alejandro Albarracín)Lucrezia's second husband.


Pietro Bembo


Alfonso d'Este

(Played by Andrew Hawley)Lucrezia's third husband.


Charlotte d'Albret

(Played by Stéphanie Caillard)Cesare's wife.


Dorotea Malatesta Caracciolo

Cesare's lover/captive


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