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  • Tuatha from The Fallen Gods has "Fuck a ______", which gets filled in with anything they're annoyed by. Usually it ends up being "Fuck a wizard" due to the Fantastic Racism between them and sorcerers like her.

  • Loads in The Adventure Zone:
    • In The Adventure Zone: Balance:
      • Griffin (The DM):
      • "You've solved my [blank] puzzle!" Typically said at the end of a plot arc ("You've solved my train puzzle!"), or sarcastically when the players use brute force to solve a problem or expend a lot of podcast time goofing on something that's not meant to be an obstacle at all.
      • "Oh my god!" whenever the party does something truly outrageous.

      • Magnus:
      • "Magnus rushes in!"
      • Typically followed by a "Taako's good out here".
      • "Hail and well met!"

      • Taako:
      • "Taako's good out here."
      • "Uh, I'm Taako? Y'know, from TV?"
      • "Listen...", especially if he is about to suggest an immoral course of action or is trying to explain his own selfish or foolish behavior.

      • Merle:
      • "I cast Zone of Truth!"

      • Garfield the Deals Warlock:
      • "ANGLING TO MAKE A DEALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!?" Or really just saying the word deal in general.

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    • In The Adventure Zone: Amnesty:
      • Ned Chicane:
      • "Ssshhhhhhhhhiiiit."
      • "[Blank] is my middle name! Ned [Blank] Chicane." He's currently at "Ned Fuckin' Danger Discretion Aloysius Superstar Butterfly Pacifist Black Diamond Friendly Trustworthy Pissed-Off Chicane."

      • Duck Newton:
      • Introduces himself as "Duck Newton, it's a nickname."
      • A trademark little "Fuuuck" when he's in the middle of a giant mess of a lie.

      • Aubrey Little:
      • Introduces herself as "The Lady Flame."

  • Chunt in Hello, from the Magic Tavern has several:
    • "Chunt please!"
    • "Ah yeah babyyy!"
    • "Get wet!"
    • "Mmmmm bing bong!"

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