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This page lists shout-outs found in Podcasts.

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  • Plenty pop up across all games played at the Cool Kids Table.
    • In All I Want for Christmas, Chrissy Nada is named after the main character from They Live John Nada, which makes sense since the system used ("All Out of Bubblegum") is inspired by the same film.
    • Janus in Small Magic has a pet from named Adam. Later on Alan claims that they see a group of "five brightly-dressed people fighting monsters" on their journey, but they make him walk it back because "no crossovers".
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    • In Creepy Town, some of the rooms in the haunted house are references to other horror films.
    • The Wreck:
      • When Lazy Boy fails to turn off a dripping sink, Shannon suggests whispering to the sink. ALAN states that it does not recognize Parseltongue.
      • Shannon wants Lazy Boy to make a bone necklace from one of the skeletons they find, but Jake vetoes it because they're not a Reaver.
    • In Hogwarts: The New Class, Shannon befriends a dust nymph. It's also referred to as a dust bunny, and so she names it Usagi.
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    • The five base character classes of the "Rememorex" system used for Bloody Mooney are The Brain, The Athlete, The Princess, The Basket-Case, and The Criminal. Also, Jessica's reaction to the crate.
    • In Homeward Bound 4 (which itself is a shout-out to that very film franchise): after Alan describes one of the humans as wearing a pith helmet and safari clothes, Jake calls him Van Pelt for the rest of the episode.
    • When the Here We Gooooo! party buys spooky weapons in Seedless City, Yoshi buys a "Ghost In The" shell.
    • The Fallen Gods:
      • Alan sings the victory jingle from Final Fantasy after the party defeats the dire wilves, which earns him a ban from Jake because no crossovers.
      • The fight with the slugs in episode 4 has references to both Mystery Men and Austin Powers.
      • Episode 5 starts with several to Power Rangers so that Alan can skirt the line around the "no crossovers" rule. The more Jake gets irked, the more references Alan adds in.
      • Josh is the only one who doesn't want to fight a child in episode 7, commenting "he's the baby, gotta love him!"
      • When trying to figure out what to do with their bag of holding full of gold, Solvin points out it's basically a Scrooge McDuck vault, and Flint suggests they swim in it.
      • When trying to remember the name of the blacksmith Blovey, Tuatha suggests Blofeld.
      • When they get into the hotel at Palanthis, Flint says that he needs food badly.
      • Shannon and Alan have decided that the party's home plane is flat, and sits on the back of four rhinos on top of a turtle (the rhinos are to make it different).
      • When asked by Delilah in episode 14 if she's a magician, Tuatha clarifies that she's a sorceress and Solvin adds that she does illusions, Michael.
  • Plumbing the Death Star:
    • Guest star Shant explains how The Good Guys Always Win in Harry Potter by comparing it to "betting on Sebulba, he always wins," a quote from The Phantom Menace. He lampshades how strange it is to reference something so specific as Jackson passionately puts forward that there just aren't enough good Phantom Menace references in the world.
    • In "When Bad Guys Go Good," Zammit tries to explain the dynamics of his good-aligned versions of the sharks from Jaws by comparing them to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and the X-Men. Jackson laughs at how recursive their pop culture references have become that they need to explain.
    "We use pop culture references to explain older pop culture references."
  • Random Assault:
    • "RA Play" is a pun on Rapelay.
    • Tony is often depicted wearing a Galactus helmet.
    • The banner for episode 033 features Matt is Phoenix Wright's signature pose.
    • The banner for episode 036 is a GIANT homage to Ghost Trick.
    • The opening to the Halloween Episode is an awesome, custom version of The Raven by Edgar Allen Poe.
  • In Red Panda Adventures, the Mad Monkey's debut episode, "Monkeyshines", reveals his origin story as the Sole Survivor of a plane crash who lived among baboons so long before his rescue that he developed a psychic affinity with them. He had a brief tour telling his story on the lecture circuit better he was overshadowed by the lost English lord who could talk to apes and the the little Indian boy who was raised by wolves.
  • Mystery Show has quite a few, including:
    • Episode one, "Video Store," includes shout-outs to You've Got Mail, The Money Pit and Frida Kahlo. Starlee also stops at a diner that has pictures of Law & Order cast members on the wall.
    • In epsiode two, "Britney," buying V.I.P. passes from Ticketmaster involves completing a Robert Frost quote.
    • In episode five, "Source Code," David shouts out the theater where he saw the titular film. Starlee also mentions Peter Sarsgaard and The Dark Knight. (Specifically, the rumor that Jake Gyllenhaal was supposed to play The Joker.)
    • Episode six, "Kotter," naturally contains a number of shout-outs to the show's cast, and also mentioned "John Travolta, dealing with the release of Going Clear on HBO." It also goes into depth discussing the lunchbox industry and the many properties that had lunchboxes made.
  • Seen and Not Heard: When Bet asks if the secret her rabbi is about to tell her is a divine one, her rabbi says: "Since this is not the Ya-Ya Sisterhood, no."
  • Sick Sad World:


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