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  • "Madder Sky", which plays over the climax of the Grand Finale, lending great emotional catharsis to Lelouch's Heroic Sacrifice/Thanatos Gambit.
  • In Code Geass R2, the piano track that plays here at 5:11 to 6:36 (Warning: Spoilers for R2 Episode 18). Seriously, listening to the characters speak with that track being played just accentuates the epicness of the scene.
  • The first season's soundtrack has quite a few gems, as well, with "Avalon" being among them; indeed, it seems to accompany a lot of the more intense scenes from Episode 19 onward.
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  • "All-out Attacks" is used on the moments were, well, there are All-out Attacks on the fighting episodes.
  • The opening of the S1 24-25 special, "Hitomi no Tsubasa", is quite possibly the most epic song in the series.
  • "Picaresque". This is when they broke Toudou out from his prison. With THIS music blaring loudly in the background. It really can't get any more badass than that. Also worth mentioning is "Callin'" by the same artist, which plays in Stage 20 when Suzaku and Lelouch as Zero work together to stop the Chinese invasion of Kyushu. Check the lyrics for these two songs and you'll notice that "Picaresque" can double as an Image Song for Lelouch while "Callin'" could be one for Suzaku.
  • "WORLD END" by FLOW, the 2nd opening for R2 and the last of the series, while not quite as good as "Hitomi no Tsubasa", deserves 2nd place. Also, R2's 1st Opening, "O2" by ORANGE RANGE and "COLORS" also by FLOW the very first opening of the series... Jibun Wo~!
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  • "Kaidoku Funou" is on par with the rest of the OPs, if not better.
  • R2's first ending "Shiawase Neiro" by ORANGE RANGE.
  • The first ending theme, ALI PROJECT's "Yuukyou Seishunka". Incredibly complex and infinitely listenable.
  • "Innocent Days" by Hitomi, especially seeing how it was used for some of the most poignant scenes.
  • "Masquerade". Look up the lyrics and be prepared to shed a single drop of Manly Tears when it plays just after Lelouch geasses Shirley to forget about him and Zero.
  • "Stories", which plays during Euphemia and Suzaku's initial meeting; you can tell something tragic is coming. Best used during the last episode of season one, to set up the true climax of the season.
  • Then there's "Previous Notice", if you ever need to pull off something completely bullshit insane. Lookin' at you, Suzaku.
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  • "Zero" and "Nightmare". They're practically Refuge in Audacity.
  • "Memory of 0", the perfect tune to gain (or regain) mind-control powers via contract with an immortal. "Memory Museum" is a similarly mystical piece.
  • "Blue Tiger", played during the Lancelot Albion's first flight and Jeremiah's spectacular desperation manoeuvre against Anya.
  • There's also "The Knight", which lent considerable levels of awesomeness to the Shinkiro's (Lelouch's nearly-untouchable new Knightmare) debut scene.
  • "Misconduct", which plays when Lelouch and Suzaku fly directly towards a nuke.
  • "Beautiful Emperor" appears several times during some of the most epic scenes in R2.
  • "Sub-Chairman" is wasted, but this is somewhat justified as a cheery song like it doesn't really fit too well with the World Half Empty (or A World Half Full depending on your view) nature of the show.
  • "Siegfried" plays only once during the entire show (R2 Episode 21, starting immediately after Lelouch geasses GOD into stopping the Ragnarok Connection), but its awesomeness is beyond compare.
  • "Desperation" is quite simply the perfect music for revealing one's Well-Intentioned Extremist plan to their horrified sibling, as Schneizel does to Cornelia in Turn 23. It also recurs during the epic fight between Kallen's Guren and Suzaku's Lancelot in Turn 25.
  • The sad piano music that plays on four occasions, in chronological order:
    • 1) Xing-Ke's promise flashback
    • 2) Cut finger scene (between Lelouch and C.C.)
    • 3) Ohgi's confession of love
    • 4) And, of course, Lelouch's last words before he dies.
  • Check Mate. Lelouch and Suzaku breaking into the Damocles is totally awesome! Ironically this also plays when Anya pilots the Mordred to find Lelouch during the episode where everyone was chasing him.
  • Love is Justice. You can't get much more badass than firing a nuke, killing a few thousand soldiers, then proceeding for some equally badass monologue. They play it in the very last minutes of Turn 23, when the first FLEIJA is fired from the Damocles against Emperor Lelouch!
  • NE:ONE by Survive Said The Prophet, at the end of the third compilation movie. The lyrics reflect on Lelouch's entire sacrifice to the world.

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