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Awesome Music / CLANNAD

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Almost every single song featured in CLANNAD will either make you go "d'aww" or start sniffling. Or both.

  • The ending for every arc in the CLANNAD visual novel, "Kage Futatsu", helps deliver a satisfying closure to each route.
  • "The Girl's Fantasy". Ambient, breathtaking, enchanting, and downright hypnotic.
  • "Over". Melancholy, yet upbeat. Heartbreaking. Played in Episode 18 when Clannad employed the Cleaning Up Romantic Loose Ends mechanism.
  • The Gaiden Game, Tomoyo After ~It's a Wonderful Life~ also has an excellent soundtrack. The opening song, "Light colors", and the ending, "Life is Like a Melody", in particular, are just amazing.
  • "Nagisa Warm Theme Piano" is possibly one of the most heartwarming themes on Clannad. When Tomoya finally meets Nagisa and decides that meeting her was the best thing that could have happened in his life this music is the best. It depicts quite well the love of Tomoya toward Nagisa.
  • "Town, Flow of Time, People" plays whenever something sudden or amazing is happening; which means it plays at many of the greatest moments. A worthy song for it, too. Sometimes specifically starts at around 1:45 to maximize the music's impact.
    • Although it's not the first piece of music heard in the visual novel itself, bonus points in that it starts off the first episode of the anime.
    • Someone took this song and reversed it, and it's oddly still beautiful. It must be heard to be believed.
    • The vocal version of the same song is just as great and moving.
  • "Roaring Tides", a theme which, like "Town, Flow of Time, People", plays during some of the important scenes. "Roaring Tides II" and "Snowfield" are also both gorgeous songs.
  • "A New Life Reborn" plays only twice in the series, but is honestly one of the most effective pieces due to the placement.
  • "Komorebi (Sunlight Shining Through the Trees)": heartbreakingly beautiful.
  • "Fuko's Theme" - impossible to listen to without smiling!
  • "Ana", used to great effect during Kyou and Tomoyo's endings in the novel, and at several points in the anime such as during the conclusion of the Fuko story arc.