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Official tracks

  • Gestation plays when you are exploring the first cave, and it tells you that you have started an adventure full of emotions. But it's even better when you return to get the Spur, it sounds really nostalgic.
  • DeceasedCrab, who did a Let's Play of Cave Story, says "Anyone who doesn't love the Outer Wall music is a monster."
  • White, King's theme song, barely sliding into the actual game as a secret track.
  • Labyrinth Fight, which plays within Labyrinth M alongside Curly while destroying everything in your path.
  • The kickass Wind Fortress, which is unfortunately a Cut Song. The actual Wind Fortress level makes an appearance as an unlockable challenge in Cave Story+, with this song as the background music.
  • Geothermal, especially when you first hear it upon entering the Core.
  • Charge is one of the best boss themes you'll ever find in any game. It also happens to be less than fifteen seconds long.
  • Oppression is also the best boss theme in this game which plays at one of this game's That One Boss. The beta version of this is also kickass even though it lasts about 30 seconds.
  • Quiet is Nightmare Fuel, and that's the point. It hammers home that terrible things are happening on the island, the areas that this track plays in being forcibly vacated of their residents being one of them, with one of those areas being Mimiga Village, which has been turned from a bustling Mimiga capital to a ghost town.
  • The Wii port was criticized for its poor re-arrangement of the soundtrack. So they made a new improved version. Some standouts:
    • Balrog's Theme is slower than the original version, but manages to make Balrog sound more menacing while still remaining silly.
    • Gravity. You didn't know what was missing until you've heard this.
    • Meltdown 2 sounds much, much better in the new fixed rearrangement.
  • Cave Story 3D has some pretty awesome remixes. Last Cave was already a great piece on its own, but the Cave Story+/Cave Story 3D remastered version takes the track to whole new levels with an epic sax lead, truly embodying the sheer determination and resilience that was required from both Quote and the player to overcome the game's challenges, both story and gameplay-centric, culminating in a tense but empowering atmosphere leading up to the fight with the Doctor which makes dragging yourself through the Hidden Last Cave in particular so much more bearable.

Fan remixes

  • The remix project, which managed to make them even more awesome. Some standout tracks:
    • Grass Stains, a remix of the Grasstown theme with some awesome guitar.
    • Island of Eden, a medley of various songs with epic guitar.
    • Ball of Ballos, the already epic Sacred Grounds theme but even more awesome.
    • Never Die, the final boss theme made ridiculously awesome.
  • The Last Battle OC Remix Polar Star Overdrive, while not on the Cave Story Remix Project, may be even better than Never Die.

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