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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • A meta example. The game was created entirely by one person in his spare time. From scratch. Including the game engine and music software.
  • King in general. He slashes Balrog from behind and drives him off with one hit! Even after he dies, if the sword is powered up enough his ghost will appear and fight with you. TOTALLY BADASS.
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  • Fighting Monster X. Riding and jumping from tank tread to tank tread, avoiding missiles and other creatures, and attacking at key moments all at the same time gives a great feeling of speed and precision to the fight.
  • Going through Labyrinth M alongside Curly, with "Labyrinth Fight" playing while destroying everything in your path feels awesome.
  • The fight against the Core, not to mention the music.
  • The Spur. It's very difficult to find, and requires tons of careful actions and backtracking, but once you finally bring the Polar Star back to the Hermit Gunsmith, he's initially angry, but is then moved by your skilled use of it, and realizes the balance between the roles of creation and use. He upgrades it to the Spur, which always has the power of a level 3 Polar Star, and can charge up to unleash powerful beams that deal massive damage.
    • On top of that, after you obtain it, the First Cave is filled with many more enemies than were there previously, allowing you to show off the strength of the game's strongest weapon.
  • The battle against the Undead Core. Even better, The Doctor's soul is fused with it, so its destruction also completely and utterly obliterates him once and for all.
  • Raiding the Sacred Grounds with Curly strapped on your back, who gives you some GREAT cover, and the whole place is rumbling. As you do so, the story of Ballos unfolds. The two bosses at the end, the Heavy Press and Ballos, are both amazing fights, as well.
  • An easily missed one: if you look at the recap panels during the ending you'll see that the main character takes down Misery using the Blade. This means that canonically, Quote fulfilled King's wish of avenging Toroko and himself.
    • Speaking of the blade, level 3 allows quote to unleash the spirit of King who proceeds to slash up everything nearby! It's safe to say King wasn't all talk when it came to his swordsmanship.

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