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From the planet Lexicon!
watch out, villians! Here she COMES!
  • The theme song, obviously.
  • Becky makes it very, very clear to both Two-Brains and The Butcher not to interrupt her Pretty Princess documentary.
  • "The Wrong Side of The Law": WordGirl pulling a Batman Gambit on Eileen/The Birthday Girl in the court by tricking her into letting out her rage so she'll transform into the Birthday Girl, revealing her true nature to everyone in the court and proving WordGirl innocent.
  • In "A World Without WordGirl", Becky, Tim, and Bob are on their way to the Botsfords' house to find the last piece of the enchanted cake, but they're being chased by King Chuck, who ultimately commands The Butcher to block their path with pastrami. When all hope seems to be lost, Dr. Two-Brains comes out of nowhere on his blimp and shoots King Chuck's giant press with his cheese ray gun, immobilizing him long enough for Bob to eat his way through the pastrami barricade, thus allowing Becky to go for the last piece of cake and make her wish to return everything back to normal.
  • "The Rise of Miss Power":
    • Miss Power curb-stomping all the villains.
    • Miss Power calling out Exposition Guy's stupidity.
    • When Miss Power shows her true colors, WordGirl tries to stop her by freezing her solid with her newly-acquired Super Breath, but she casually breaks free, gives WordGirl a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown and tears off her Chest Insignia, then declares herself Ruler of the World.
    • Mrs. Botsford rallying the villains to escape prison and attack Miss Power together.
    • WordGirl finally defeating Miss Power by standing up to the bully without giving in to her taunting at all, depriving her of the negative emotions she needs to maintain her powers.
  • Chuck getting a dose of Little Brother Instinct and foiling Mr. Big's plan to put Brent out of business in "Big and Brent" by using his giant sandwich press to destroy Mr. Big's mind control machine, as well as helping WordGirl catch the villain when he tries to escape soon afterwards.


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