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  • Martian Manhunter pummeling Superman at the beginning of their fight. It reminds you that Martians are incredibly strong.
  • Superman and Supergirl fighting Warworld, a Kill Sat bigger than a star, equipped with weapons capable of disintegrating whole planets.
  • Superman and Supergirl forcing Mongul to pull out all stops to try to destroy them. For several pages, both cousins dodge or destroy a hailstorm of missiles and laser beams capable of destroying whole solar systems.
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  • And they manage to defeat Mongul using their brains instead of their incredible powers.
  • Supergirl tackles her cousin, shoving him out of the way of a massive energy blast right on time.
  • Kara flies to the end of the galaxy and back faster than light, hurling herself at Warworld at incalculable speed, punching a hole through it and breaking its machinery down. Superman flies inside it right away, reprograms its computers and flies off before the satellite self-destroys.
  • Superman is so determined to find his cousin he flies faster and faster until he shatters all the barriers of space and time.
  • The Spectre stops Superman and stands still while Superman tries to punch him out of the way.
  • In DC Comics Presents issue #29, Silver Age Superman is trying to find Supergirl, who has just gone missing. He flies so fast than he breaks the bounds of reality and is stopped by The Spectre. Superman tries to fight him but The Spectre completely No Sells his power -Silver Age Superman's power!- before teaching Superman a lesson about power and responsibility and help him find Kara. Oh, and God, -yes, God!- talks to Superman and calls him "a good and faithful son".


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