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Nightmare Fuel / War World

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  • That scene in which Superman can't stop Death from claiming Pa Kent again.
  • The Warworld's description is frightening:
    J'onn: To facilitate their dream, the Warzoon devoted all their efforts to the construction of a special satellite — A satellite that would ultimately make them masters of the cosmos! Nuclear missiles several miles high dotted the satellite's surface, flanked by macro-laser cannons capable of incinerating entire worlds... Monstrous engines made the satellite mobile, allowing it to traverse space at incalculable speeds... They called this satellite – Warworld!
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  • And that thing is bigger than a dwarf star.
  • And his control helmet drains the user's energy until killing him.
  • Supergirl's got knocked out when she collided with Warworld, but she kept flying through sheer momentum. As Superman put "without some sort of friction to ultimately slow her down, she could fly through [space] forever".
  • And if Superman even miscalculated her trajectory slightly before flying after her, he could search for centuries without finding his dear cousin.


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