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Nightmare Fuel / Superman

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Superman Volume 1 #149: The Death of Superman

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  • Kryptonians with inspection can be terrifying as a species. They appear like humans but under yellow sunlight become near-invincible Flying Brick People of Mass Destruction with an assortment of various other powers that make them more like a race of Gods than aliens. Their scientifically advanced culture is notoriously xenophobic and they have a tendency to look down on other species like humans by virtue of being the Superior Species and that's without their yellow sun powers. It only takes one to be hailed as the strongest superhuman on a planet of metahuman beings such as Superman and an army like that of the offshoot Daxamites have been shown to be able to fry entire worlds in seconds. Other stories have shown evil Kryptonians basically making whole worlds barren and slaughtering populations by the billions, and even the Superman demonstrates apocalyptic levels of danger when he cuts loose. Not to mention their terrifying expression of Red Eyes, Take Warning that they have when they get pissed due to prepping to fry their offender with their heat vision. Lor-Zod, a heroic Kryptonian, said it best when he managed to easily defeat some attackers with high-tech gear.
    Lor-Zod: You should've left us alone. Without your toys, you're just meat. I could cook you with heat vision, or turn you into ice simply by breathing hard. We could swat you like bugs.
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  • The Phantom Zone is an interdimensional realm outside the normal space/time continuum where Krypton locked up their worst criminals. It is a barren and insubstantial null area where the laws of physics are nonexistent. People who travel into the negative zone become virtually immortal ghosts. Once in a while, rifts open between the Zone and the real world, though... letting a bunch of super-powered mass murderers (Zod, Jax-Ur, Faora Hu-Ul, Ursa, Non...) loose.
  • Kryptonian Thought-Beasts. They're rhino-sized, triceratops-like, carnivorous critters. And they're more powerful than a Kryptonian human. Plus, a weird bony neck frill around their necks displays their thoughts and intentions... usually eating whoever they're facing.

Golden Age

  • In Superman #65 (1950), the Man of Steel comes upon Kryptonian survivors for the first time... three outlaws who attempted to blackmail their way into ruling the planet by making the atmosphere unbreathable.

Bronze Age

  • In Action Comics #402 "Feud of the Titans", Superman and Supergirl are accidentally exposed to a bio-chemical weapon which makes them hate each other. This story is both hilarious (both cousins are incredibly and ridiculously petty) and scary (imagine they—two Earth-1 Kryptonians—decide to fight seriously. They would tear the planet apart).
  • Adventure Comics #408 -titled "The Face At The Window"- is a bona fide ghost story: an old mansion owned by a happy-trigger old man who hates visitors, a mysterious little girl wandering over the halls in the dark and requesting to help her find her parents, and corpses murdered and hidden in the basement by the house-owner several decades ago. Reviewed here.
  • In Superman Family #178 "The Girl with the Heart of Steel", Lois Lane is given bionic body parts, and as an unintended side-effect her entire body slowly becomes entirely robotic; the results are unsettling, to say the least.
  • In Superman (Volume 1) #414 "Revenge Is Life — Death To Superman!", Superman takes his cousin's body to Rokyn. When he lands, his uncle and his aunt usher him in asking what is that cloth-wrapped bundle he's carrying. Readers don't see their reaction but they can hear their cries.



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