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Nightmare Fuel / Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow?

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Arguably the silliest character in DC Comics proves the trope Beware the Silly Ones.

  • Brainiac takes over Lex Luthor's body, making the whole thing very creepy in the brain upload and then Brainiac talking out of Luthor's mouth.
  • After Lana mercy-kills Luthor, Braniac keeps his body going on his own for a little while, but it eventually becomes useless from rigor mortis. Even then, the remains of Brainiac detaches from Luthors skull and drags itself a few feet just by The Power of Hate, before finally falling to pieces and shutting off forever.
  • Lightning Lord electrocutes Lana into a charred remain.
  • Superman being heartbroken and angry, using his heat vision to brutally attack someone — and according to Saturn Woman, he's prepared to kill. Beware the Superman.
  • Myxzptlk gets torn in half in the finale. Despite him being a nebulous 5-d being at the time, it's still rather unnerving to see his image splitting down the middle. Not to mention his scream.
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  • Sure, the bad guy deserved it, but seeing Krypto tearing out Kryptonite Man's throat is really brutal. Not helped by the fact that Krypto dies of Kryptonite radiation.
    The Kryptonite Man: AAAAEEEEARRGH! STOP IT! GET OFF GET OFF GET OFF! I'm killing you, you stupid animal! Don't you understand? I'M KILLING—YAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!
    Krypto: SNOPF!
  • In real life, Julius Schwartz was discussing the story with Alan Moore, and told Moore that he wasn't sure who would write it. Moore allegedly responded by standing up, grabbing Schwartz by the throat, and threatening to kill him if he wasn't the one who wrote the story. There's a reason Alan Moore is considered a Memetic Badass among comic writers - he can be terrifying.
    Moore, in his obituary for Schwartz: He ruined my reputation as a gentle pacifist by claiming that I'd seized him by the throat and sworn to kill him if he didn't let me write his final episodes of Superman, and how, now, am I supposed to contradict a classic Julius Schwartz yarn? So, all right: it's true. I picked him up and shook him like a British nanny, and I hope whenever he is now, he's satisfied by this shamefaced confession.

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