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  • Even if his behavior left much to be desired, you have to acknowledge how much Kal cares about Kara. Even if he ran the risk of being unable to find their way back to their reality, he was determined to reach her.
    Superman: NO! I refuse to bargain with Supergirl's life!
  • Even if Pre-Crisis Superman always talked of Pa and Ma as his adoptive parents he still makes clear that he owes his morals and sense of justice to them.
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  • Once his test is over, Superman pleads with The Spectre for help to save his cousin. The Spectre brings Kara back and Superman holds her in his arms.
  • After The Spectre leaves, Kara wakes up and both cousins fly back home.
    Superman: Welcome back, Kara — I hope your trip was a pleasant one!
    Supergirl: Trip? What trip? What in blazes happened to me anyway?
    Superman: That, as they say, is a long story!
    Supergirl: So? Tell me about it! I've got all the time in the universe!


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