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Awesome / Superman vs. the Amazing Spider-Man

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Stunned and groggy? Well, if you say so...

  • The concept itself of this crossover, and the fact that both companies were able to work together. These are the companies' two most beloved and iconic characters, after all.
  • Superman beats Lex by flooding his submarine.
  • Peter calling Jameson out:
    Jameson: Do you know why I never gave you a vacation?
    Peter: No, Sir.
    Jameson: Because you're NOT hard-working — NOT diligent — AND there are TIMES, Peter old boy — when I'm not even sure you're a photographer!
    Peter: Oh, yeah? Oh, yeah? I've had it with you, Jameson! One minute you're Mr. Glad-Hand, the working boy's friend — the next, you put the knife in! Well, maybe that's okay for the rest of your staff — but it isn't for me! NOT ANYMORE! I'm through being stepped on! You want me, Jameson — find me!
  • The fight between Superman and Spider-Man. And Superman's final punch.
    • At the start of the fight, before Lex empowers Spidey with Red sun radiation, Spider-Man still manages to dodge one of Superman's punches.
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    • And when the radiation wears off, Superman just No Sells Spidey's barrage of punches.
  • Superman uses his photographic memory and Super Speed to reassemble a blown-up super-computer in the blink of an eye.
  • Clark and Peter team up to contain a brainwashed enemy: Peter webs him and Clark's heat vision hardens his web.
    Spider-Man: Y'know, Supes – as a team, we're not half bad!
  • During the climax, Superman has to stop a tsunami heading towards the US East Coast. Spider-Man tells him move on, assuring that he'll deal with both villains. Supes stops the one-mile-high, two-hundred-miles-long tidal wave by flying in front of the wave, shattering the sound barrier over and again until he creates a massive wall of sound which blocks the tsunami. Meanwhile, Spidey manages hold the line and knocks Lex Luthor out after Lex pummeled Otto.


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