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  • At a certain point of the game, you can actually play the first Crash Bandicoot on a PS1. No. Kidding.
  • If set up correctly, the player and a NPC can perform a double choke slam on an enemy.
  • Elena followed Nate to Madagascar even though it's clear that the place is crawling with Shoreline mercs. One wonders what she did to get that car...
  • Libertalia, a full-fledged European town hidden deep in Madagascar, complete with huge manors and its own commercial district. Later on, you have to fight Shoreliners as the town is falling apart, revealing a vast skyline and massive cliffs below you, as if you're in a mythical flying city!
  • Nadine Ross is a villainous walking moment of awesome.
    • In the two appearances in which she engages in a fist fight with Nate, and later a two-on-one fight with both Drake brothers, she knocks them around like it's child's play for her.
      • This sets up a small moment for Nate; in the second fight, Nadine kicks him out of a window again, leaving Sam all but defenseless against her. Nate manages to climb back into the room to a higher vantage point using his grappling hook, then saves Sam from a headlock by jumping down and punching Nadine through the floor.
    • Later when she has finally had enough and decides to cut and run, she points out to Nate and her client Rafe how Avery and Tew murdered each other over the loot, before proceeding to pull off a simple, yet cutting Screw This, I'm Out of Here! that sends her erstwhile partner over the edge.
    Nadine: Oh, I'm just leaving. Whether you die or not, I don't really care.
    • What makes this even more awesome is that she, a mercenary of all people, has a strong enough will to resist the temptation posed by Avery's treasure, and unlike many Uncharted villains before her, is smart enough to walk away from a titanic pay day and let Avery's treasure go. It makes her the only Uncharted villain to have survived in the franchise.
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    • Her awesomeness is summed up by how she became so popular that she earned a spot alongside Chloe in The Lost Legacy.
  • The Boss Battle with Rafe: Nate finds Rafe in Avery's ship's hold, surrounded by what is likely eight figures worth of treasure as well as the bodies of Avery and Tew, each with swords in their chests after killing each other in a greedy rage, and an unconscious Sam trapped under a beam. Nate initially wants Rafe's help to both free Sam and escape the burning ship, but Rafe has gone off the deep end entirely and pulls out the cutlass in Avery's chest and attempts to kill Nate once and for all. Nate pulls the other cutlass out of Tew, and they engage in an honest-to-goodness swordfight! What better way to end a pirate-themed game?
    • Rafe has Nate at his mercy, having broken Nate's sword, and right as he's about to finish Nate off, Nate grabs the severed blade and cuts a rope, dropping a full net of loot on Rafe's head.
  • Via a glitch during the second battle with Nadine, by rushing towards her and pressing square before she has a chance to attack, Nate and Sam will piledrive her into the ground, leaving her body motionless on the floor. Given this is the closest thing to a punishment she can get at any point in the game, it's very glorifying.
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  • The gunfight and car chase shown in the E3 2015 demo. The entire sequence in the final game (beginning with a multi-level marketplace shootout and turning into a car chase) lasts 10 minutes on average and serves as the absolute pinnacle of Naughty Dog's technical skill. Streaming generated terrain, multiple paths, leaping between vehicles, it's got everything. It's essentially the final chase sequence from Mad Max: Fury Road in video game form.
  • Being the last of Uncharted (for Nathan, at least), Naughty Dog made sure to outdo themselves in technical graphic aspect and various eye-candies the team crammed into the game from the start to epilogue. From the details on little treasures Nate collects, to tracks and footprints, to breathtaking vistas and the building interiors of Libertalia... Sic parvis magna.
    • To give an example: if you shoot at the sliding slopes in Scotland, the physics-driven pebbles on the surface will react to the impact independently. Talk about going the extra mile.

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