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Uncharted 4 will take be set in space.
Thirty years have passed since Uncharted 3, during which mankind has made some very rapid technological progress. The protagonist will be the protege of an older Drake, who will have taken over Sully's role. The story will follow exactly the same formula as the first three games, only this time the heroes are looking for a ruined alien city.
  • Jossed. The fourth game revolves around Nate and the gang searching for the lost treasure of Captain Henry Avery, and eventually Libertalia.

Uncharted 4 AKA: UnKarted: Sully's Outback Adventure.
Three games and a kart racer, that is the Naughty Dog way. It happened with Crash Bandicoot, it happened with Jak, it'll happen with Uncharted. Hell, there will probably be a The Last of Us kart racer.
  • Nope.

Uncharted 4 will involve Kid Drake.
C'mon! Who would pass up for adventures as Nathan Drake when he was a kid? It'd be like the TV show featuring Young Indiana Jones! Or that movie featuring a Young Sherlock Holmes. The series is just screaming for it, and, from what we see of Kid Drake, he's got the skills. It could be set a few months after he first met Sully in the flashback we see in Uncharted 3.
  • Confirmed, somewhat, as A Thief's End has flashback segments focusing on younger Drake.

The plot of Uncharted 4 will revolve around the reveal of Drake's past in Drake's Deception.
Marlowe's revelation in Drake's Deception was a Sequel Hook.
  • Bolstered by the reveal that Nate's brother Sam is a major character.

The fourth game will be related to Henry Every in some major way.
Most likely positing that he spent the time after his infamous disappearance in Libertatia.
  • Confirmed.

Uncharted 4 will act as a bridge between the uncharted series and the Last of Us and unfold during the collapse of modern civilization.
Because Come On: Marvel style Canon Welding is all the rage right now and it makes sense thematically: the world where lovable rogues like Drake and Sully could thrive is coming to an end, being replaced by one more fit for ruthlessly pragmatic killers like Joel

Sam is the main villain of Uncharted 4.
It would be a fun role reversal of The Last of Us.
  • Todd Stashwick, the voice over in the first trailer, was originally playing Sam, so it could happen.
    • Jossed, but, according to developers, this was the original idea.

Elena has extra incentive to feel concerned over Nate getting back into treasure hunting in Uncharted 4...
In the behind-closed-doors demo of Uncharted 4, after an action scene, Nate, Sam, and Sully are discussing their treasure hunting plans at a hotel. Nate is surprised to find Elena at the hotel, looking angry and worried. Elena could be extra worried that Nate is risking his life again...because she is expecting.
  • Jossed. Nate and Elena don't have a child until after the end of the adventure.

A Thief's End will subvert some of the series' recurring elements.
There will be no supernatural element. (Since the treasure of the week is just pirate treasure)
  • Confirmed: Those closest thing to any sort of supernatural element would be the exploding mummy bombs, but those are just booby trapped and not supernatural.

Drake will actually come away from the game with something worth a lot of money.
To balance out this victory, Sully will actually die this time.
  • Jossed: Sully doesn't even come close to dying.
  • Sam slips some gold coins onto Elena's jacket, which allows the couple to buy a marine salvage business.

In the upcoming single-player DLC for Uncharted 4, we will play as Elena, filling in the gaps of how she arrived at Libertalia, and how she eventually found and rescued Drake
.This is probably one of the biggest missing parts of A Thief's End. Just how did Elena and Sully get to Libertalia? And then how did Elena get all the way across the island to rescue Nate? This would be a great adventure to explore in a two hour-or-so DLC.
  • Jossed, the singe-player DLC will instead revolve around Chloe and Nadine.

Sam's a double agent
How did Rafe get Sully's number? The only people who would probably have Sully's number is Nate and Sam (and probably Elena). Sam was working with Rafe even while he was working with Nathan, only to double cross Rafe at the end. So maybe Sam gave Rafe his phone so when Nathan called, Rafe automatically answered.
  • It's not that hard to look up someone's cell number with a name, service provider and a whole lot of money, so here's a counter-theory: Notice how Sam has a smartphone while Nate is still running around with a flip-phone? Maybe Rafe had given Sam that phone after he got him out of prison. He probably had Sam's phone hacked already and used his resources to hack Sully's phone as well when they were sending each other pictures and texts.

Henry Avery's treasure is genuinely cursed.
The Mighty Pirate actually was Guybrush Threepwood, who was the only Founder with the best of intentions. He was thus disturbed when he saw Libertalia going off the rails and ran (or, more darkly, he was the first on chopping block). The Voodoo Lady found out through/about him, and decided that if Avery wasn't going to take his own creed in honesty, he would be judged by it-she cursed his loot so that anyone who sought it with greed in their hearts would die by the hands of their rivals or through the treasure itself. Anyone else, however, is guaranteed to survive, somehow.

In the ending, Fisher & Drake isn't quite as legit as Nate and Elena make it out to be.
You really think Nate would say no if Sam and Sully (or maybe Chloe or Cutter) asked for a little help moving some crates around without any nosy customs agents noticing? Or move some "supplies" (mostly lead) for an off-the-books dig somewhere? Or a discrete getaway boat/car/plane? He's a guy who likes to do things for his friends.
  • Yeah, I'm sure that the initial treasure Nate and Elena scored from Avery's ship, and the treasure that was found during subsequent salvages, couldn't help them acquire the manpower or transportation that they needed in order to do things legally... Using their old black market contacts could potentially compromise their business permanently, as well as attract those with more sinister intentions. As A Thief's End establishes, it's not worth the risk.

In the end, Nate did actually get Avery's treasure
So, yes, the boat it was on sunk. Buuuuuuuuut, didn't Nate buy Jameson's Salvage company? Whose to say he didn't use the company to, well, salvage the treasure?
  • The cave did collapse in on itself, so it seems unlikely.

Cassie will have a run-in with Nadine later in her life.
Cassie will be after some treasure, and she'll run into the rebuilt Shoreline, and their leader will be quite happy to hand another Drake their ass. Cassie will make a bunch of 'grandma' jokes. Bonus points if she kicks Cassie out a window.

Chloe is the woman in the blue dress in Nate and Elena's wedding pictures.
Same hairstyle, same skintone and why wouldn't Chloe be invited front and center? Personally I like the idea of her truly letting Nate go by coming to his wedding.

Shoreline article
The Shoreline article speak about a war, which is likely to be the one, in Lost Legacy.]]

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