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From left to right: Matthew Holden, Dan Hoang, John Hoang, and Adrian Cottrell
Crydebris was a metalcore band from London England. Formed in 2002, The most recent lineup was Michael Wickers, John Hoang, Adrian Cottrell, Matthew Holden, and Daniel Hoang.

Their music has been called chaotic hardcore, post-hardcore, and ambient mathcore. Most of the music was somewhat based on Studio Ghibli films and other anime. This was most recognizable in “Mononoke Picture”, which was based on the animated film Princess Mononoke.

After releasing seven songs over two E.P.s (a little known self titled EP and another named “The Severing”), the band went defunct in 2012. The various members went on to form Lusheeta, Rinoa, and *Ancients.

Crydebris contains examples of:

  • Break-Up Song:
    • Vertigo is this in some interpretations.
      So, this is where it stops,
      I've been here, but now I'm moving on
    • The Severing may count as a metaphorical breakup song as well, written from the earth to mankind.
  • Careful with That Axe: “Flickering Angel” from the first EP would fit.
  • Epic Rocking: Mononoke Picture [1] is over 6 minutes while The Severing [2] and Vertigo [3] are both over 7.
  • Harsh Vocals: A given considering that this was a hardcore band
  • Impractical Musical Instrument Skills: In the bridge of The Severing, guitarist John Hoang plays the harmony by tapping with the left hand, and the melody by tapping with the right hand. This leads to the guitar sounding like two separate instruments.Witness it at the 7:27 mark [4]
  • Metal Core: Of the many labels that are given to Crydebris, metalcore remains the most generally correct.
  • Protest Song: Eden is about humanity destroying forests and why that’s bad. No doubt a reference to Princess Mononoke, but a protest song nonetheless.