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  • He sat on Jonathan Ross's show and talked about how he wanted to shag Ross's wife, in front of Ross himself.
    • Some months earlier on the same show he turned a discussion of his not wearing shoes when performing into persuading Jonathan Ross to conduct the interview in his underpants.
  • Any one of his rant songs. The beat-poem "Storm" is one of the best but I also love his sarcastic songs about Christianity such as "The Good Book" and "Thank You God"
    • The entirety of Thank You God. After starting out with an apparently sincere apology to God for doubting him, it turns into the most exquisite, scathing sarcastic takedown of Sam's brand of miracle story, so devastating that there is absolutely nothing left that Sam could say in reply.
      Fuck me, Sam! What are the odds
      that of history's endless parade of gods,
      the god you just happened to be taught to believe in
      is the actual God, and he digs on healing
      - but not the AIDS-ridden African nations,
      nor the victims of the plague, nor the flood-addled Asians,
      but healthy, privately insured Australians
      with common and curable lens degeneration?
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  • If You Open Your Mind Too Much Your Brain Will Fall Out (Take My Wife!) is this basically.
  • Of course, when the three minute song's timer ends, right on time.
  • Dark Side (Awesome Version)
  • His song Come Home (Cardinal Pell), which tears into Cardinal George Pell's compliance in the cover-ups regarding the Catholic Church's child abuse allegations. The last part is essentially pointing out how Tim may be committing defamation just by performing it, but that George Pell is welcome to come home and sue him for it, making Tim the winner no matter what.
  • F-Sharp. Once you actually learn how to sing in key, it's incredibly hard to force yourself not to.
  • At the 2016 New York Comedy Festival, the crowd - which had already sat through a two-hour show that started at 9:00 pm - brought him back onstage for two encores. He actually looked kind of bewildered. For the second, he brought all the lights down and (noting how it was "fucking cliche") proceeded to play a rendition of "Hallelujah" that stylistically incorporated the three most famous versions, and got the entire crowd singing along.


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