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  • Her verse on Kanye West's "Monster", seen by many as the highlight of the song. And how effortless she makes it all look.
    • Her verse has become so ubiquitous that at a CRWN interview, all of the Barbies in the audience knew EVERY SINGLE WORD, allowing her to rap with them.
  • No one rates it quite as much, but her verse on "Bang Bang" by Jessie J and Ariana Grande as well. She switches her flow three times, doing so seamlessly and effortlessly.
  • The song "Big Daddy" has her slaying Iggy Azalea.
  • See also the machine-gun delivery of her verse on Ciara's "I'm Out".
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  • Her surprise appearance on The Weeknd's performance of "The Hills" on Saturday Night Live. Her delivery is effortless and after the song concludes, he starts bowing down at her.
  • Her rapping about her past in the heartbreaking "All Things Go".
  • Miley, What's good?
    • Here is a longer explanation.
      The fact that you feel upset about me speaking on something that affects black women makes me feel like you have some big balls. You’re in videos with black men, and you’re bringing out black women on your stages, but you don’t want to know how black women feel about something that’s so important? Come on, you can’t want the good without the bad. If you want to enjoy our culture and our lifestyle, bond with us, dance with us, have fun with us, twerk with us, rap with us, then you should also want to know what affects us, what is bothering us, what we feel is unfair to us. You shouldn’t not want to know that.
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  • Her song "Win Again" is a wonderful example of well-done braggadocio.
  • "Chiraq", for anybody forgetting that Nicki can spit.
  • Nicki Minaj rapping with no beat at the iHeart Radio Music Festival in the remix to "Flawless" and killing it.
  • Nicki's sample of Annie Lennox in "Your Love".
  • A cross between this and Heartwarming Moment: a fan jokingly suggested that she help pay off their college expenses. And she took it seriously and started wiring people sums of money (as long as they had good grades) to pay for classes, books, and supplies. You're outstanding, Nicki.


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