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Awesome / The Trial of the Chicago 7

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  • When Judge Hoffman has Bobby Seale beaten, tied and gagged in the courtroom for speaking his mind about his mistreatment in the trial, Robert Schultz, the Lead Prosecutor, will not stand for that obscenity against the very idea of American justice and requests Seale's case be severed from the other defendants and declared a mistrial. When the dumbfounded Hanging Judge tries to confirm that the Prosecution has requested this, the defence counsel stand up to the bigoted judge in his face in a manner that he will never forget:
    William Kunstler: Of course, because you took their Black guy and you made him a sympathetic character.
    Judge Hoffman: Mr. Kunstler, I have lived a very long time, sir. And you're the first person ever to suggest that I have discriminated against a Black man!
    Leonard Weinglass: Then let the record show that I am the second.
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  • Jerry punching two frat boys trying to rape a female protester. He gets arrested for it after, but he still managed to help the woman before the cops get him. And thankfully he's let go because they realized they had no good reason to lock him up.
  • After Hoffman compliments Tom Hayden for behaving the most professionally throughout the trial, Tom responds by using his statement to read off the list of every victim of the Vietnam War during the course of the trial, numbering 5000+. Even as Hoffman bangs his gavel in futility, the rest of the courthouse goes wild.
  • The Yippies, in a sense, for how they drew attention to the trial. The trial was already a circus and they had nothing to lose, so their antics brought oodles of attention to the situation - and arguably did advance their cause. Not to mention, Hoffman and Rubin repeatedly pissing of Judge Hoffman is very satisfying.
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  • Bobby Seale repeatedly stands up for himself in the face of his despicable mistreatment. All these moments count, but especially when he protests the execution of his friend and fellow Black Panther Fred Hampton and refuses to back down, even after he's been beaten and gagged.
  • When Judge Hoffman silences Seale by screaming "You have lawyers to speak for you!", soft spoken William Kunstler practically roars back "NO HE DOESN'T".
  • After the two jurors most sympathetic to the case are dismissed due to threatening letters, Kunstler calls out Foran for probably sending them himself and threatens to have him arrested.
  • After Rennie is hit by the police, John calls out what they're doing from the bandstand to try and stop them.
  • Throughout the riot, Dellinger makes repeated attempts to stop violence from breaking out.
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  • Abbie Hoffman proves he's a lot smarter than he looks when he takes the stand. His performance throughout the whole examination counts, but the real life quote "I've never been on trial for my thoughts before" is especially impressive.

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