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Heartwarming / The Trial of the Chicago 7

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  • In general, the defendants' support and respect for each other, despite coming from different "camps." In particular, Rubin speaks out in defense of Seale when Judge Hoffman falsely claims that Seale has legal representation present. As Seale makes clear throughout his time in court, he had never met the other seven defendants before this trial, but that doesn't stop Rubin from standing up for him, even using his first name.
    • Similarly, Fred Hampton and William Kunstler clearly disagree with each other on methods, but Kunstler advises Hampton on optics and Hampton agrees with the advice.
  • Tom Hayden is extremely protective of his best friend, Rennie Davis throughout the entire film, both in flashbacks and in the present day timeline. He tells him that he should get out of a bad relationship but still helps him in the moment to protect it, getting arrested in the process, repeatedly tells him not to take the blame for their current predicament, ultimately is the person to use the list of names that Rennie is compiling throughout the film (though this was Dellinger in real life), and absolutely loses his shit when Rennie is hit by the police.