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  • During one of Eddie's payback moments against Tim and his friends, he has them chasing him with a fire extinguisher and takes the chase into the teachers lounge. Also doubles as a Funny Moment.
  • Eddie and Roger in the climax
    • When Roger and Eddie are destroying the radios at the dance, the find a Breaker Box. Roger tries to open the box with a crowbar, but when time is running out, Roger shoves the crowbar into the breaker box. Yes, he gets electrocuted but he survives.
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    • A hilarious one, but Eddie tripping Sammi into a toilet to delay him. It's humiliating but it works.
    • Eddie luring Sammi into the back of a cop car and driving it off of an unfinished bridge into a river, destroying Sammi for good. Made more awesome, by Sammi's power being electric based and the cop car naturally has a metal cage between them, and diving into a body of water would've killed them both.

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