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Awesome / The Tomb of Dracula

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  • Being the protagonist, the villain, and the archetypal vampire at once, Dracula gets many awesome moments throughout the series.
  • True to the legends, vampires can't enter inside someone's home unless they are invited. If in a hurry, Dracula often bypasses this by crashing through a window.
  • A number of the fights in the series pit Dracula against other famous Marvel characters for no other reason then it sounding cool. Dracula vs the Silver Surfer is the best example.
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  • The first issue's ending. Jeanie isn't dead, but she is a vampire, and she leaves Frank to join Dracula.
  • When Dracula is dueling Brand for the status of Lord of Vampires, he gives this boast:
    Dracula: For 500 years I've defended what is mine against insipid upstarts as you, Brand — for 500 years I've clawed my way past the mindless minions who have ever sought to take what is mine. But never shall my lien be taken by one such as you. I am lord of evil, little man — forever and always!
  • Dracula fighting a rebellious minion who can resist his commands and shoot fire:
    Dracula: Perish Gorna Stoski, and pray forgiveness for your deeds. And know- that as the flames consume you- that Dracula is your god- and Dracula is indeed a vengeful god!
  • Blade went to become one of the most recognized vampire hunters in Marvel universe. His feature film helped to bring superhero movies back to public consciousness.


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