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    Episodes 1 to 100 

    Episodes 101 to 150 

Episode 110: Richard Ramirez Part I: The Night Stalker

  • Ben tells the story of his time serving on a grand jury in Brooklyn for a sexual assault case. The case included clear video evidence of the assault and Ben knew they should recommend the case go to trial. However, one of the jurors opened deliberations by engaging in some awful Victim Blaming ("Why was she out so late?", "Why was she wearing a dress that short?", "Why was she drunk?", etc). Ben verbally ripped that man a new one badly enough that he was known as 'the scary white guy' for the rest of his time serving on the jury. He also skillfully uses the story to make a point about how Victim Blaming and Slut-Shaming are still huge problems when it comes to pursuing charges in sex crimes, which allowed Ramirez to get away with what he did.

    Episodes 151 to 200 

    Episodes 201 to 250 

Episode 233: The Secret Space Program

  • Towards the end of the episode, Marcus and Henry alternate reading the introductory manifesto to a website for They both take turns reading the page and chime in to say every "quote/unquote" section together, only noticeably flubbing once while doing so. Ben's response when it's all done is to simply note the two of them are very good at that.

    Episodes 251 to 300 

Episode 289: Robert Pickton Part II: La Costra Pigsta

Episode 291: Robert Pickton Part IV: Out To Lunch

  • Continuing from his earlier anger with the Vancouver Police Department, Marcus gets a hell of a jab at the frankly buzzare decisions of the judge presiding over the case. Right off the bat, the judge decided to deny the count of the "Jane Doe" whose skull was found in a swamp on the grounds that they never identified the remains, which basically translates to "it's totally cool to kill someone just so long as nobody notices they're gone". Marcus sums it up perfectly:
    Marcus: Of all the disrespectful actions taken by either the Vancouver police or the courts, this one might sit at the top. The one that tells you that they don't fucking care at all.

    Episodes 301 Onwards 

Episode 332: The Donner Party Part II: "The Forlorn Hope"

  • Marcus finally gets to say the famous line from the podcast's intro, "That's when the cannibalism started."
  • Marcus gives special props to John Stark of the Third Relief, who refused to leave anyone at "Starved Camp" behind when everyone else was in favour of leaving them to die after witnessing the cannibalism that occured there. He goes into detail about how Stark carried the children back, and caps it off by saying the man deserved a statue for his bravery and determination.

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