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Tear Jerker / The Last Podcast on the Left

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While The Last Podcast on the Left is technically a comedy podcast, they will often discuss serious topics.

  • In Episode 26, Marcus tells the story of how he had to help a deaf man break up with his girlfriend over the phone. Marcus had to act as the man's voice while simultaneously typing down what the woman said.
    Marcus: That's what I typed! "Crying... Crying... Still Crying."
  • In Episode 161, Henry admits that his continued research may have contributed to his girlfriend to leaving him.
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  • At the end of Episode 182, Marcus acknowledges the death of one of the podcast's biggest fans. During his message, Marcus begins to choke-up at several points and warns the listeners against suicide.
  • In Episode 189, Marcus plays a sound clip from 2001 of NYU students reacting to news footage of the Twin Towers burning after the first plane had hit. The students slowly realize that the objects falling from the Twin Towers are not paper, but they are in fact people falling. Many of the students scream as they see the second plane hit the Towers.
  • The hosts have a moment of pity for James Thurman Jones, the father of infamous cult leader Jim Jones, after finding out that he died a penniless, depressed alcoholic whose tombstone read "Everyone in the world is my friend." In general, the elder Jones seemed to lead a rather shitty life, something that's touched on by Marcus, Ben, and Henry multiple times.
    • Marcus opines one of the real tragedies of Peoples Temple - at the start, they were doing actual good, helping to solve real problems and push for racial integration in the states they were in. Had Jones not gone off the rails the way he did, it’s likely they could have continued being a positive force and an example of a socialist community that worked.
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  • In Episode 347, the hosts explain how killer Mark Twitchell used internet catfishing to lure in a victim. The victim, a man, wanted so badly for his date to work out that he overlooked glaringly suspicious details. At one point, the man actually decided to abandon the date, but he was ultimately lured back in. One source claims the man's last pain-free words before being murdered by Twitchell were, "I guess I'm just a glutton for punishment."
  • "Side Stories: KB" is dedicated to memories of the guys' good friend Kevin Barnett after his sudden death from pancreatitis in January 2019.
    • In "Side Stories: Human Dolls", Ben admits that he passed a man on the street who resembled Kevin and wished he could hug the man.
  • In Episode 349, the horrors of Josef Mengele's experiments at Auschwitz are so brutal that the hosts break up the more upsetting facts with fun trivia about Home Improvement. It doesn't really help.
    • As discussed by the boys, Mengele's experiments on twins were All for Nothing. The whole point was to understand the phenomena of identical twins, with the eventual goal of unlocking hereditary genetics, thus accelerating the development of the Nazi’s Master Race. But rather than just studying identical twins, Mengele took fraternal twins as well, which polluted his data to the point of utter uselessness. This makes the deaths of hundreds, if not thousands, at his hands in Auschwitz-Birkenau pointless on top of cruel and stupid.

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