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Awesome / The Jungle Book (1994)

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  • Upon realized what Boone allowed his stooges to do to Mowgli after their engagement was announced, Kitty breaks it off with Boone, slapping him across the face for good measure.
  • During the third act, Mowgli's confrontations with Boone and his men. Even when they have him and Kitty tied up, Mowgli is calm and composed in the face of their questioning. Why? Because he knows that they're out of their element, and the jungle's hazards will be the death of them.
    Sergeant Hardy: Take us to the treasure, and (Kitty)'ll live!
    Mowgli: I will take you...and we'll see who lives.
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  • Mowgli and Shere Khan face off, or should we say "roar off"? Shere Khan backs down, and accepts Mowgli as a resident of the jungle.
  • And before that, his fight with Boone. And the primates cheer for Mowgli.
    Boone: What do you think you have that I don't, huh?
    Mowgli: Strength of a bear, speed of a panther, heart of a wolf... and very sharp teeth!


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