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Tear Jerker / The Jungle Book (1994)

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  • The death of Mowgli's father. Even Dr. Plumford responds with a somber head shake.
  • After he's captured in the city, Mowgli spends a night in the dungeon. Poor guy looks so scared and lonely, no doubt traumatized by the abuse Boone and his men put him through. It doesn't help that the wolves from his pack are howling for him. To the people in the city, it's chilling. But in context, the wolves howl because they are worried sick searching for Mowgli.
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  • Boone's trophy room can be this and Nightmare Fuel. Anyone like Mowgli who doesn't like to see animals die cruelly or needlessly will find this scene quite sobering.
  • The latter part of the ballroom scene. Colonel Brydon has just announced Boone and Kitty's engagement, and Dr. Plumford soberly explains to Mowgli that Kitty now essentially "belongs to" Boone. Mowgli tries to excuse himself from the party with as much dignity as possible, but Boone's friends and colleague "accidentally" bump him into a table of food. People are laughing at him, a cruel reminder that to them, he's more like an oddity to mock rather than a person. Ashamed, Mowgli leaves.
  • Mowgli crying while holding Baloo, who got shot helping him. He got better at the end.


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