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Tear Jerker / The Jungle Book (1994)

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  • The death of Mowgli's father Nathoo at the jaws of Shere Khan, who initially had no intention of attacking Nathoo, but was forced to do so in self-defense because Nathoo was trying to stop him from attacking Buldeo, who ungratefully left Nathoo to die. Even Dr. Plumford responds with a somber head shake to a mourning Colonel Brydon, confirming that Nathoo didn't make it. Even at the end of the movie, Shere Khan openly regrets killing Nathoo, knowing that he was one of the few brave humans who undoubtedly upheld the jungle law.
    • Colonel Brydon sadly telling his young daughter Kitty that Mowgli died in a cart explosion following Nathoo's death. The audience may know Mowgli's still alive as he and Grey Brother managed to evade seconds before the explosion, but from the Colonel's point of view, it seems he failed to save an innocent boy who is the same age as his daughter.
      • Topping it off, Mowgli quietly calling out for his father. Some may call it Narm, but it shows that his father's disappearance left some impression on the boy.
  • After he's captured in the city by Boone and his men, Mowgli spends a night in the dungeon. Poor guy looks so scared and lonely, no doubt traumatized by the abuse Boone and his men put him through. It doesn't help that the wolves from his pack are howling for him. To the people in the city, it's chilling. But in context, the wolves howl because they are worried sick searching for Mowgli. Fortunately, Kitty managed to get Mowgli released and reintroduced into civilization.
  • Boone's trophy room can be this and Nightmare Fuel, as it houses the heads of many dead animals, including elephants, hippos, antelopes, deer, leopards, and EVEN tigers. Anyone like Mowgli who doesn't like to see animals die cruelly or needlessly will find this scene quite sobering and disturbing in general; this even adds more depth to why Shere Khan (a tiger himself) distrusts mankind for the same reason, and to show how despicable Boone truly is for his desire to kill for sport and fun rather than for food or survival. Mowgli even lampshades this with this quote:
    Mowgli: The more I learn what is a man..... the more I want to be an animal.
  • The latter part of the ballroom scene. Colonel Brydon has just announced Boone and Kitty's engagement, and Dr. Plumford (who feels discomforted) sympathetically explains to Mowgli that Kitty essentially "belongs to" Boone. Understanding the point, Mowgli gratefully nods to Plumford as he tries to politely excuse himself from the party with as much dignity as possible. Unfortunately, Boone refuses to let this be by getting his colleagues to deliberately knock Mowgli into a table of food. People are laughing at him, a cruel reminder that to them, he's more like an oddity to mock rather than a person. Ashamed, Mowgli leaves to return to the jungle, despite Kitty's attempts to comfort him. Ultimately, this drove a furious Kitty to slap Boone in the face and call off the engagement.
    Mowgli: "I AM NOT A MAN!! And I am not an animal. Why should I stay? I run with the wolf pack, you... must run with the man pack. It is the proper thing. I will shame your house no more.
  • Upon Mowgli's departure and breaking off her engagement with Boone, Kitty decides to return to England with whatever dignity she has left, and Colonel Brydon respects her decision, admitting that he'll miss her dreadfully. However, Boone (being a Sore Loser that he is) still refuses to let this be by staging an ambush to kidnap both Colonel Brydon and Kitty, all part of his true plan to force Mowgli to lead to the treasure inside King Louie's palace.
  • Mowgli crying while holding Baloo, who got shot by Boone and Wilkins while trying to defend Mowgli. Thankfully, Baloo gets treated by Dr. Plumford, and justice has been served as Wilkins gets mauled to death by Shere Khan while Boone gets killed by Kaa.