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Fridge / The Jungle Book (1994)

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Fridge Brilliance

  • One has to wonder, how did Mowgli know Dr. Plumford would be capable of healing Baloo's bullet wound? Because he treated Mowgli's bullet wound from when Wilkins grazed him earlier.
  • Each of Boone and his men die a somewhat Karmic Death that reflects either their own follies or the follies of men.
    • Harley has always looked down on Mowgli as a "little brown brother", only to drown in great brown quicksand.
    • Tabaqui reflects the human folly of human wrath and violence. He tries to kill Mowgli with a giant boulder, but Mowgli throws the man's balance off and down to his death.
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    • Wilkins, reflecting humanity's cowardice, is devoured by the not-so-cowardly Sher Khan.
    • Buldeo represents the human folly of vindictiveness and goes after Mowgli on the technicality that Wilkins shot his leg mistaking him for 'the little man-cub'. Ironically, it's Mowgli who was wronged when Buldeo let the former's father be wrongfully devoured by Sher Khan. But Mowgli doesn't even know, or care for that matter.
    • And last but not least, Boone falls victim to the folly of Greed, where he's weighed down by his bag of treasure (and/or eaten by Kaa).


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