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Funny / The Jungle Book (1994)

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  • "Oh my goodness, there's a spider-monkey with a moustache! He's got a white hat on and a linen suit."
  • Colonel Brydon's disdain for elephants.
  • The entire chase scene where soldiers try to capture Mowgli. From hot coals to levitating rope.
  • Mowgli got so startled by his own reflection that he flips the mirror away, accidentally hitting Dr. Plumford in the head.
  • At a party, Mowgli catches a fly, looks over at two girls, smiles, and then seemingly eats it. The girls walk away in disgust. When they're gone, Mowgli reveals the fly completely unharmed...he just pretended to eat it to gross them out.
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  • Wilkin's complaining about the jungle, whilst we see Mowgli riding an elephant elsewhere with a laid-back expression.
  • Although Played for Drama, Wilkens mistakenly shooting Buldeo in the leg when spooked by Sher Khan's roar.
    Buldeo: [agonized and furious] Wilkens! You bloody shot me!
    Wilkens: ...Oops!
    Buldeo: Wilkens! I am going to be KILLING YOU!
  • Any scene with King Louie.
    • Louie clapping and the monkeys cheering after Boone was killed by Kaa borders on Black Comedy.
    • Speaking of King Louie, this exchange when Mowgli sees a painting of King Louis of France:
      Mowgli: I have seen this hat.
      Kitty: That's King Louie.
      Mowgli: King Louie? If you see him, tell him I know who took his hat.
  • "Man, woman, woman. One man, two women. Lucky man."
  • Mowgli learning the alphabet, especially the way he pronounces certain letters like "C" and "R".
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  • Boone's reaction to Harvey's death by quicksand is hilariously callous:
    Boone: Oh, well; let's not be discouraged by every little thing.
  • There's an element of Black Comedy when King Louis and his monkeys cheer upon seeing Kaa kill Boone.


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