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Heartwarming / The Jungle Book (1994)

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  • Young Mowgli and Kitty fall in love, and are reunited later in life against all odds.
  • The montage of Kitty and Dr. Plumford teaching Mowgli how to interact with society again. It beautifully evolves from a pet project into a friendship with him.
  • Colonel Brydon affirms to Mowgli that any man that can count Mowgli as a friend is very fortunate.
  • Mowgli's ultimate confrontation with Shere Khan. After Mowgli engages him in a roaring contest, Shere Khan settles down and lets him and Kitty pass without incident - in Mowgli's own words, the tiger acknowledges him as a fellow resident of the jungle.
    • In this film, Shere Khan is more of an Anti-Villain, whose attacks on the camp at the beginning were either that of a predator killing for food, or an act of punishment against the cam['s hunters for killing for sport instead of necessity.
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  • Baloo survives being shot in the end. It's a wonderful reveal with Dr. Plumford remarking that he was a "very good patient."


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