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  • Riku might be a badass in the little pond that is the Destiny Islands, but he is completely and utterly outclassed by Connie. During their spar in "Stance Wide, Body Lowered," he never once lands a hit on Connie, and when Connie snaps it becomes very clear she could've ended the fight whenever she wanted to.
  • In the space of a month, Connie transforms Kairi into a badass of her own right, giving her skill in the blade and even even some impressive tone for a girl her age.
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  • This may be offscreen, but on seeing some idiot grope Kairi right in front of her, Connie kicks him right in the nuts.
  • At the end of her Dive to the Heart, Connie fights a Darkside, like Sora did in Kingdom Hearts, and like in the first game she loses her weapon after depleting its health enough. Does she give up there, though? No. She fights barehanded to build up her magic, and then runs up its arm to fire point-blank Dark Fire spells at the Darkside. Twice, three times if you count the first run where she stabbed it with her sword.
  • Connie's battle with the Centipeetle is epic. She performs yet another Colossus Climb to dislodge it from the clocktower, goes through a scenery-destroying battle with her, and finishes the Corrupted Gem off by interrupting its ultra move midair, sends her crashing to the ground with a powerful combo, follows up by unloading her entire MP bar in Dark Firas on the Centipeetle, and finishes her opponent off by landing on the Corrupted Gem point-first and bisecting it.

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