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  • Naked People Are Funny is a trope for a reason, as shown when Tari accidentally interrupts a tabletop RPG session in nothing but his underwear. Sora, Connie, and Kairi's scandalized reactions contrasted by Riku's uncontrollable laughter are what sells it.
  • Sora, Kairi, and Riku derail Connie's tabletop RPG so badly and so crazily that they beat the Arc Villain in the first session by dropping a dropship on his head.
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  • After all the simulacrums of Pearl and Garnet challenge her answers during the part where Connie unwittingly sets her level gain rate, when she tells Amethyst that she's afraid of losing everything again, Amethyst's response is, "Yeah, I got nothing for that. Pretty valid, yo."

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