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  • Pretty much any time Kairi interacts with Connie while she's having a panic attack or any other kind of mental breakdown. The sheer kindness and understanding that she shows makes this troper's heart melt, and every time she manages to succeed in dragging Connie out of the dumps.
  • Hell, even Riku gets in on the action! He comforts Connie after accidentally pushing one of her worst Trauma Buttons, and it's very clear when he goofs up again he really is concerned for her mental wellbeing.
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  • As heartbreaking as the circumstances are, Steven's last text to Connie - "i <3 you" - shows how much he truly cares about her.
  • Although the entire birthday party scene is filled with fluff, something that sticks out in particular is Riku finally giving Connie a permanent place to stay after she's basically been couchsurfing between the houses of some of the hospital staff members for almost six months. He really does care.
  • Throughout "Move On," even though she still sometimes has bad days, it's amazing to see how far Connie has come in her recovery since her arrival on the islands, returning to her usual dorky, somewhat sarcastic, and energetic self. This carries some bittersweet undertones, though, as this will all probably be undone by the Night of Fate.

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