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Awesome / The Stalking Zuko Series

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  • Katara defeating Zuko in a sparring match early on in Not Stalking Zuko by tickling him. Not only is it a nice display of her Combat Pragmatist nature, but it also shows that the stalker diary served one of its original purposes- finding Zuko's weaknesses.
  • Katara using bloodbending to save Zuko's life in Not Stalking Zuko. As well as heartwarming
  • Katara's speech to the Water Tribe men. Sure, it did very little but it was still an epic moment.
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  • Like the show Katara vs Azula, but particularly this line:
    I'm from the watertribe. I know all about knots. She won't be moving for a long time. The fight with her was over.
  • Katara intimidating The Hippo to back off, after Toph tried to escape Katara cleaning her by siccing The Hippo on her.
  • Zuko's speech in Chapter 11 of Not Stalking Firelord Zuko, in which he denounces the war as self-destructive, and makes it clear that he wants peace. It's the first time it becomes apparent that he can really handle the job.
  • Hakoda meeting Jet for the first time and quickly putting him in his place, demanding to be called "Sir Hakoda."
  • Aang's speech at the end of the peace conference. Basically it amounted to; Look guys, me and five of my friends worked together despite being from different nations, and we managed to stop a war that's been going on for 100 years. We're just kids. Now imagine what all you guys could do if you got your act together.

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