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Awesome / Sonic Generations: Friendship Is Timeless

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  • Oh dear Lord, where to begin? Well, let's start with the battle against Nightmare Moon in chapter 6.
  • And in the very next chapter, the race against the Shadowbolts.
  • Three chapters later, there's the Bait-and-Switch Boss with Queen Chrysalis disguised as Shadow. Specifically, the No-Holds-Barred Beatdown Shadow gave her after escaping from the place he was trapped in with Sonic and Gilda. And then the battle against every single Changeling that was serving her. And the Gondor Calls for Aid with Tikal and Chaos 0, Big the Cat, and E-123 Omega. And the way Chaos Control was used to repel all of the Changelings from Ponyville.
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  • The next chapter has Sonic, Rainbow Dash, and the Princesses going up against The FinalHazard, with Sonic helping Rainbow Dash perform a Sonic Rainboom.
  • Then there's the battle between Sonic and a Brainwashed and Crazy Silver in the next chapter, with the power of a Chaos Control with two Chaos Emeralds freeing Silver and restoring Appleloosa.
  • As bad and evil Eggman is, his speech in middle of Chapter 16 was awesome. First he pointed out flaws in Celestia's thinking, then in Mane 6's thinking (minus Twilight who was driven to Heroic BSoD with Eggman striking on her insecure mentality, just as Mane 6 was firing Elements of Harmony). Not so much Friendship Is Magic as you think, eh, ponies?
    • Doubly so, since it's one of the few moments in any sort of media where Eggman manages to out-evil even SatAM Robotnik.
  • The Final Battle. It has too many to list here without spoiling the whole chapter. In other words, it is one great big Moment of Awesome.


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