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Trivia / Sonic Generations: Friendship Is Timeless

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  • Artist Disillusionment: While the author doesn't put his Author's Notes at the beginning of the chapter, he clearly does so on chapter 14, informing unregistered users of FanFiction.Net that the author can not respond to any reviews given by them simply because they are not registered. He also notes that the reviews should be meaningful — and not simply a review asking when the next chapter will be released. As the author claims, "Posting these kinds of reviews does NOT motivate me to write; it has the opposite effect."
  • Fandom Nod: Derpy still loves her muffins. Ditto for Soarin and his pies — he even got into a fight with Pinkie Pie and Storm the Albatross over one.
    • Also this sequence from the beginning of chapter 8:
    Lyra: I don't know my animals as well as Fluttershy does, but… They're standing on two legs! And they've got hands!
    Bon-Bon: Do they look strong?
    Lyra: Who cares how they look! They've got HANDS!
  • Recursive Adaptation: Many elements of the non-game versions of Sonic are used and/or referenced. Ditto for the FiM comics.
  • What Could Have Been: Chapter 7, which represents Sonic Adventure, uses the Lost World and Windy Valley stages. The author claims he was considering adding Twinkle Park to the chapter, and one scene he had in mind involved the Hall of Mirrors Amy goes through in her playthrough of the game, where Sonic and Tails would have seen their classic selves in the mirror and the ponies and Spike would have seen their G1 counterparts instead of their normal reflection (which could have led to a joke about Twilight's mother looking similar to G1 Twilight). This idea was scrapped because, according to the author, it "wasn't as good an idea".
    • He did, however include it in the spinoff Adventures on the Friendship Express.

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