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"Stand down, villain! I've not seen the likes of you before, but I know evil when I see it!"
As per wiki policy, spoilers are off. You have been warned.

  • To start off, we have the Xtreme-verse. The Xtremedom Five deserve a mention. We've got Xtreme Legacy and his Cool Car escorting water tankers. Xtreme Tachyon with her motorcycle helmet and super speed. Xtreme Absolute Zero who is apparently covered in ice. The list goes on. They even have two Xtreme bunkers. One from WW2 and one from today.
    • The monsters the FF fight also deserve a mention. The Road Rats. The Chupacabras. The cool trucks saying Heck you Mother[bleep]er.
  • Now for some non-Xtreme stuff. How about the Void Guard. Hugely overpowered versions of the Southwest Sentinels who fight space threats.
    • Speaking of space threats, the Grand Warlord Voss invasion is pretty cool, culminating in Voss and his Legions being sent to the Realm of Discord.
  • A meta one for the creators. They took a story and made a simple card game. And it became a hit. They didn't even think they'd make it past Wrath of the Cosmos. But they did. And they didn't just make it past, they blew through it. They were at OblivAeon in no time. And then it got so overfunded that there were constant shipping delays. But still, the Awesomeness is there.
  • The adventures of Mainstay and Ansel G. Moreau. It starts off with Mainstay running into Ansel in a bar and talking about how much he loved Ansel's movies. This cheers up Ansel a bit after the stern talking-to Chrono-Ranger gave him. Then they go on an adventure and beat up a Cartel in an action movie style. This also counts as a Heartwarming Moment.
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  • Baron Blade in Cosmic Contest. Highlights include him beating the chairman with nothing but a Joy Buzzer.
  • Haka in the miststorm timeline. After being stranded within the miststorm following Nightmist dissolving, he wanders it for what feels like an eternity while it keeps killing him and he keeps getting back up. Meanwhile the miststorm Prime Wardens are trying to save people from the miststorm when Captain Cosmic get's crushed under a building. The Prime Wardens try desprately to save him but the mist is in the way. But siddenly, a figure appears in the mist. It's not Captain Cosmic. It's much to big. No, it's Haka! Our Haka from the Multiverse timeline pre-split! And he's holding Captain Cosmic! With Haka returned the Prime Wardens rally together to fight their final fight.
  • The result of the destruction of the Miststorm timeline. Disparation is back! And it features some of your favorite characters from other timelines!
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  • Defeating Citizen Dawn with Mr Fixer, Wraith and Expatriette. Bonus point for Citizen Dawn being Expatriette Archnemesis Mom.
  • Bunker + Ammo Drop + Expatriette + Submachine gun + Hollow Points + 10 minions with 3 HP = 10 minions down, and 10 cards drawn by Bunker. That Forced Deployment didn't work out so well for Great Warlord Voss...
    • Similarly, Bunker can get some hilarious results in longer games. How does firing the Omni-Cannon for 30 sound?
  • While OblivAeon can be a tiring slog of ridiculous damage where your heroes die frequently, if you can pull it off, it'll feel great...particularly if you can get some of the more absurd combos online. For example, an equipment-focused hero (such as La Comadora or the Wraith), backed up by an active OblivAeon Shard and Omni-Unity, can have some faintly absurd turns if the countdown to inevitable doom is high. We're talking more than a hundred damage just in the end of turn step.
    • It's possible to defeat OblivAeon without letting him down a single hero. You'll have to block, redirect, and heal damage like mad, all while dishing out some of your own and earning rewards as quickly as possible. But you definitely feel like a hero afterward. Especially if you manage to keep Faultless alive as well.
    • One of his scions gets his own moment: Voss himself. Throughout the fight, he acts as if he's still loyal to Obliv Aeon aside from destroying some of his mooks. However, that's all just a ruse. Once Obliv Aeon is down, Voss will appear and steal his powers, becoming the final boss. This time, however, you get no reinforcements. If your current heroes fall, it's game over.
  • To fight OblivAeon, Unity builds a super awesome T-Rex bot, which is awesome!

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