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  • The second edition Kickstarter, which easily smashed through its original $30,000 goal in seven minutes, proceeded to break every previous tabletop RPG Kickstarter record (most funded, most backers, most pledges), and went on to clear the million dollar mark handily, with a final total of $1.31 million.
  • First Edition did a fairly good job of making a swashbuckling adventure setting but it was noted to be quite Euro-centric in an age when exploration and trade ruled. Theah is still the featured continent in the primary rulebook, but Second Edition has introduced (or soon will introduce) entire sourcebooks for analogues of the Caribbean, the Middle East, Africa, South America, North America, and their native cultures.
    • A mix of awesome and heartwarming? While JWP is making a fantasy world, they understand that the cultures they're using as a template for their world are made up of real people. Before they send the splatbooks off to print, they send the finished copies off to scholars and individuals of the cultures represented and ask "Is this a tasteful, non-stereotypical fantasy depiction that we can be proud of?" While this is the source of many delays in production, the quality and care they take has shown.