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So, after creating those Tear Jerker and Nightmare Fuel pages, let's do some lighter stuff. Let's have our hearts melted.

  • Absolute Zero slowly becoming more and more at home with the Freedom Five. He starts out spending two years after his accident inside his cryo chamber wanting nothing at all to do with being a hero or the rest of the world, then becomes a cold guy who only decides to be a hero to try to pay off his suit so he can walk around like a normal person. But slowly, slowly, he grows to love the Freedom Five like a family, and eventually even says so openly in the Tactics Timeline.
  • The Freedom Five during the OblivAeon event. Freedom Tower is destroyed, OblivAeon is rampaging through Megalopolis. Things look bleak. And who should rise to give the team hope? Not Legacy who's crushed by how hopeless things seem, but instead Absolute Zero. AZ inspires the team, telling them that no matter the threat they had always been there to protect people. And if they failed, well, so be it; at least they tried and didn't hide with their tails between their legs.
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  • One thing that seems to transcend universes is that Captain Cosmic and Infinitor are best bros even despite Infinitor's madness causing him to do terrible things. A major story arc in the main universe is Cosmic searching for and defending his brother, and even when Xtreme Captain Cosmic, who is usually a London Gangster and Lower-Class Lout, is confronted with our universe's Infinitor, he still has nothing but encouraging words for his brother.
    Infinitor: I know you favor the guns, but create a blade for me, Hugh. This time, it's personal.
    Xtreme Captain Cosmic: Back to back, Nigel! These remnants of your madness will soon learn to respect the power of the Lowsley lads!
  • Related to the Prime Wardens is how a number of instances of Heartwarming revolve around Tempest somehow.
    • When Voss comes to Earth specifically seeking out Tempest and the other Maerynians who survived his genocide of their planet, he makes an offer to the heroes that he'll spare Earth if they hand over Tempest. The heroes however rally and refuse saying Tempest is their friend and they're going to protect them, a major turning point in what had up then been Tempest's long journey to fit in and be accepted by the humans after become a refugee there.
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    • Then during a later big battle against Voss, Tempest's role is ostensibly to stay behind just long enough to destroy a device that will help cut off the Thorathian Fleet's access to Earth. But instead after destroying the device Tempest decides to go after the fleet itself in what will almost certainly be a suicidal trip to take out Voss. When Nightmist finds out she's understanding/accepting about it, but when she tells Argent Adept his reaction instead is essentially hell no my friend's not killing himself if I have anything to say about it, so AA drags Nightmist into helping him find Tempest and drag Tempest to safety, which they do with a side of trapping Voss in the Realm of Discord to go along with it.
    • Then when the Prime Wardens find out much later on that Tempest has been a captive of Biomancer, even though the team had been disbanded before that point, they still all get back together again for the purpose of finding their friend and rescuing them from Biomancer, and succeeding at this in turn causes them to all band together and continue on as a team again.
    • Finally Tempest generates a Heartwarming Moment of their own in relation to Sky-Scraper. For the longest time Tempest had a one-sided enmity towards her, rebuffing her attempts to be friendly, because all Tempest could see was that she was a Thorathian, and thus a member of the same species that had decimated the Maerynians. But after Tempest seeing over time what a good person she was, when the Celestial Tribunal tried to put Sky-Scraper on trial and called Tempest as the main witness, Tempest surprised everyone by giving an impassioned speech about what a good person she was and how she was of the best heroes they'd met.
    • Another Tempest Heartwarming Moment that has nothing to do with the Prime Wardens or other heroes. Instead it has to do with a dog who is Tempest's first friend on earth. Tempest likes the dog and the dog likes Tempest so they essentially hang around with each other. The dog dissapears during the Tempersonation era but eventually resurfaces as an aging mutt in Plavu Col.

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