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  • So, the Legacy bloodline has each child inheriting all the powers of their parent, and adding a new one, and these people are always among the foremost superheroes of their generation... but for some reason, each Legacy limits themselves to a single child?
    • Bit confused on that myself, always assumed the powers only pass once, hence why Legacy becomes Iron Legacy in the bad future when his daughter is killed as it leaves him as the last Legacy.
    • Yeah, its pretty clear that when Legacy's daughter dies, he sets out to bring the rest of the world to heel because he knows he is the last Legacy. That's his entire motivation, so it looks like with his daughter's death his entire superpowered line is going to end.
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    • That the powers are only passed to the firstborn is confirmed by game writer Christopher Badell: "Some of the Paul Parsons had younger siblings, but none of them had any powers." When asked how this works, he added: "Magic genetics. NOT ACTUALLY MAGIC."

  • Young Legacy can fly. Why did she choose to wear a mini-skirt? If someone looks up while she's flying she may show more than her incredible superpowers...
    • Presumably she wears underwear or bike shorts. Plenty of cheerleaders wear similar skirts while they're being tossed through the air. And it's not like this is a new problem — look at Supergirl, for instance.
    • It's also not unheard of to wear a leotard with a skirt over it. Functional, but still stylish. Quickly Googling her card, there doesn't seem to be any reason she couldn't be wearing a white leotard with a white skirt over it, the skirt held up by a belt.
    • What they said. Though, I feel this question is better suited for Supergirl's TV Tropes entry.
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    • The real answer is that she's an Expy of Supergirl, so she wears Supergirl's traditional costume.

  • Some of the environment cards can be removed in weird ways...
    • Why would an RPG be any help against toxic sludge? I could understand it being used to make paparazzi Go Look at the Distraction, but against toxic waste thrown into the sewers?
    • A traffic pilup is defeated by inflicting damage to it. Which means Expatriette can somehow solve a traffic pileup with a shotgun and hollow point rounds...
    • I think the main problem here is that you're looking at it too literally. Although, if you really want a concrete answer, Christopher and Adam (the writer and artist of the game respectively, for those who don't know) made an episode of The Letters Page called Story Meets Mechanics explaining that stuff. I haven't listened to that episode but there's probably an answer in there.

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