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  • How about the show's very existence. When Real Steel came out, who thought we'd actually have something this close so soon?
  • Crash vs. Steel Cyclone. The first round for Steel Cyclone, who curbstomps Crash due to Crash's controllers being out of sync. However, they get it together in round 2 leading to a far more even and brutal fight. This concludes in an epic Cross Counter that totals Steel Cyclone's arm. Crash takes advantage, pounding Steel Cyclone before ending the round and the fight with a punch so devastating that it completely cripples Steel Cyclone beyond repair and breaks Crash's arm from the sheer force of it.
  • Scorpio vs Commander. While it was pretty much a Curbstomp Battle for Scorpio, it really shows just what the Motion Capture Mecha controls for the robots can do, with both blocking and parrying blows with a good degree of skill.
    • Give Commander some credit though for hanging in there and refusing to give up as long as he did.
    • And then Scorpio does the same thing to AXE in its second fight, confirming just how lethal its blades and technique are.
    • It's blades, sure. But its technique was below Axe in their fight. Axe picked off Scorpio's armor. Had the fight continued, it's no doubt that Axe would've won. Scorpio has only won through its blades, which are arguably Game Breaking Bugs, considering how both fights have gone.
  • This became rather blatant with the fight against Crash. Scorpio had been so used to bisecting its opponents in halves thanks to its blades, but can barely penetrate Crash's rollcage and wasted a lot of opportunities to actually do lasting damage even with the feared drill.
    • Worth noting that Diana all but admitted that they had expected Crash to falter easily when she said that "(Scorpio) actually had to fight now" instead of Diana wildly throwing her arms around and hope to hit Crash's midsections to split him in half. We all know how that turned out.
    • A statement on Facebook before said fight regarding both Scorpio and Crash. Scorpio had its "swords" while Crash had his "shield." It can be said that the shield finally broke the swords and in turn broke Scorpio.
  • Game Over vs. AXE. They don't win but, Game Over goes into Round Three with its arms almost crippled. It's operators don't give up and end up giving one of the closest matches the series has seen so far.
    • Seconded because they are very cinematic robots.
  • Drone Strike vs Robo Hammer. It took as much as one solid punch to the ribs to end the match. The staggered pose of Robo Hammer was like a call back to Steel Cyclone before both of them are judged incapacitated beyond repair within the time limit.
  • Steampunk vs. Medieval. After taking taking turns whaling on each other in the previous rounds, Medieval enters Round 3 with a busted left arm, forcing his crew to move his mace to the right arm. Though they didn't win over the judge's, they quickly inflicted the same injury on Steampunk, and by the end they were both hammering away at each other with their one good arm like cornered dingos. Neither one of them was going down without a fight.
  • Crash vs. Brimstone, in which Crash not only wins in the third round by causing Brimstone to crumple like a drink can, but causes it to catch on fire in the midsection. Twice. On the second time it practically exploded.
  • Steel Cyclone vs Thunder Skull: After a close, intense 1st round, Steel Cyclone starts crumpling in the last seconds of round 2 almost like it did in his loss against Crash. Rather than lose in such a fashion again, the team busts their asses trying to get him back into fighting shape with minimal time on the clock...and succeed. Round 3 begins, with everyone thinking Thunder Skull has the wild card match in the bag. Cue Steel Cyclone flat-out OBLITERATING his opponent and earning his second chance.
    • It was even better then that: Steel Cylcone essentially snapped Thunder Skull's lower torso, swapping up for down on the part of torso, leaving Thunder Skull's head almost touching the ground while still standing.
  • Crash VS Scorpio: The whole damn fight was an awesome moment for all parties involved. Both robots come out hammering each other which causes both to leave the round in horrible shape; Crash gets sent into the pits early (but not before shredding off Scorpio's chestplate) while Scorpio barely limps away. Round 2 ends up a VERY close call, but by the end Crash's jockey passes out from heat exhaustion, while Scorpio's literally holding together with duct tape. In Round 3 (where the teams are allowed to bring in extra weapons), Scorpio comes out strong by busting Crash's arm with his deadly blades and poking through the exposed spot on Crash's rollcage with his drill-thing...but Crash flails his broken arm around and still manages to strip Scorpio's armor off yet again and land deadly hit after deadly hit to Scorpio's mid-section, not slowed down at all and wins by a very close judge's call (84-81).
    • Crash, the underdog robot piloted by a father-daughter Determinator team (dad survived throat cancer, daughter surviving kidney failure), making it to the finals when it was largely believed they wouldn't survive Round 1 of their first match is a MOA in itself. They even managed to survive the seemingly unstoppable blades of Scorpio and ultimately win against it.
  • Steampunk vs. Steel Cyclone was a constant back-and-forth slugfest that was decided in Steampunk's favor... by JUST ONE POINT.
  • Steampunk vs. Crash in the championship was a brutal 5-round best-of-three battle that went the full five rounds. And during the battle, Crash seemed unable to keep it's arms from breaking or losing it's fists, while Steampunk's foot caught fire and it's fist was torn off it's mounting. Crash took the first two rounds, which brought in a mechanized weapon, only for Steampunk to battle back and win the next two, leaving it for the fifth and final round, which Crash barely managed to win, thus winning them the tournament. And during their celebration, Amber combined a Crowning Moment of Awesome with a Crowning Moment of Heartwarming by promising Ashley, jockey of Steampunk and struggling single mother, that she and her father would help Ashley out.
    • The mere fact that neither side was willing to give up, taking their robots so far that by the end both robots were smoking from the strain being put on them. For all the hype, the final match manages to live up to it. And Amber's Heartwarming Moment is a beautiful cherry on top.
      • To put things in perspective, both robots were considered titans of defense, barely sustaining any major damage throughout the tournament. Barely even halfway through, both robots were absolutely mangled. And they still kept going.

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