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Heartwarming / Robot Combat League

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  • After winning the tournament at the end of a five-round championship match that went the distance, Amber Shinsel, jockey of Crash, hugged her opponent Ashley Nunes, jockey of Steampunk and struggling single mother who wanted the money for her son, and tells her that she and her father/robo-tech Dave would help her out.
    • Amber doesn't even take time to celebrate. The moment she recovers from the sheer shock of winning, Amber instantly runs to Ashley. This wasn't a confession cam 'I'm a good person' moment, the cameras barely caught it. This was a person genuinely wanting to help someone who needed it, someone they didn't even know before the tournament began. An show with the basic premise of 'robots fight to the death' is the last place you'd expect to see an act of compassion like this, but there it is.