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Crash will break Scorpio's streak

Unlike nearly all other robots, Crash's midsection is completely guarded by armor that has so far resisted every attack that's hit it. Scorpio's blades can't reach the midsection, so it's favorite tactic won't work.

  • This troper would gladly like to see that happen as AXE and Commander are his favorite robots.
  • Confirmed.

Crash's armor is surprizingly effective because it transfers impacts into it's bones.
Rather than crumpling (which, if nothing else, creates internal hazards), the solid construction essentially means the energy is being dissipated across the robot... which includes the T-bar. Thus most hits tend to shove Crash rather than impact.

Robot themes for Season 2
Assuming we get a season 2 with new robots, they'll each have their own theme like this season. Perhaps they will include (feel free to add your own):

  • One themed after a Japanese Super Robot .
  • A Super Sentai/Power Rangers mecha themed.
    • A tribute robot to the semi-final fight between Scorpio and Crash featuring a mega-drill arm, a flail arm, and the ragged Sarashi mummy bandage look.
    • Perhaps going with the theme of human fighting spirit a robot that looks more human like the masked helm from Gladiator.
  • A Godzilla/Mecha-Godzilla tribute robot.
    • Might not be too unreasonable since the T-bar could be dressed up as a tail.
  • Lion Tamer, a quasi-wrestling themed robot in reference to Chris Jericho.

The seed challenge for Season 2 will be to see how long each team can survive... against Crash

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