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  • Ensemble Dark Horse: Despite going home in the first round, Game Over and Commander remain respectively popular, with many hoping they'll return in an imagined second season.
    • Don't forget: they also went three rounds against opponents that were obviously winning, though Game Over managed to survive through the entire third round. Commander was decidely unlucky having to fight a robot that was designed to cut circuitry with a circuitry-bearing midsection. Not really fair, but still a great showing.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Watching every episode's reruns, knowing what the results are for each match. All the trash-talking, note-taking, hardcore analysis and strategies between the teams can be really hilarious especially with how their robot makes it or breaks it in the end.
    • The lowest ranked robot who was considered the underdog, but has extremely good defense and is piloted by a Determinator team of father and child ends up surprising everyone and making it to a championship fight. The comparisons to Real Steel are already obvious, but Crash could make a fairly good stand-in for Atom.
  • Game-Breaker: Scorpio's blade weapons could be seen as this, considering that they seem able to easily slip through upper and lower halves of the torso into the vital areas, and both of it's fights have ended with their opponent bisected at the 'waist'.
    • Somewhat mitigated when the other teams are given a chance to win a weapon upgrade for their robot or pick their opponent. Unfortunately for said team, they passed it up in favor of choosing an opponent, and paid the price.
    • Eventually all the teams get weapons they can use in the third round of a match and Scorpio runs up against Crash, who's armor is too tough to be cut through.
    • Crash's roll cage. The cage makes it almost impossible to reach Crash's torso actuators, can't be cut through by any of the weapons, and absorbs most of the impact from opponent's punches. It's probably the biggest reason why Crash managed to win the tournament.
      • Not entirely true. Steampunk managed to break through the protective coating in Crash's armor and was able to hit the exposed circuitry. Granted, Steampunk still lost, but the armor wasn't invincible. Crash also lost an actuator in the first round against Scorpio, but that can be handwaved due to Scorpio's own gamebreaker blades.
      • Somewhat evened out by the fact its arm actuators are incredibly fragile and broke every single fight. It just so happens that his jockey managed to turn that into a strength.
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  • MST3K Mantra: The show doesn't try too hard to pretend to be anything than a fun guilty pleasure which preserves some of it's charm. There's little emphasis on trying to make it seem like serious Terminator-like fights, inter-personal drama, or what have you.
  • Padding: Won't be a tense show without them, mostly with Confession Cam clips.
    • Especially so in the episode with Robo Hammer vs. Drone Strike, where the fight was ended with one hit at the start of Round 1, leaving them having to pad the episode out with the tech and jockey futilely trying to fix their robot.

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